Take a guess at when you will end up being vaccinated

And when they get sick, they should die untreated, preferably in a public gutter where they can serve as a lesson.

My PCP said probably around April or early May, given my underlying medical conditions.

Sure. That’s the same thing.

Exclusion from prioritization is very different from denial of treatment. A person should not be moved to the head of line just because they choose to smoke or overeat. They can wait like everyone else.

Friday, I’m scheduled for Friday!!!

What if they choose to oversmoke? I have a buddy who uses his smoker constantly. I’d hate to see my source of leftover smoked meat/fish die.

I very strongly disagree, but since this is a thread hijack I will not respond again.

YAAAAAY!!! I’m finally scheduled for my first shot, next Tuesday at 2pm! I’m curious to see whether I’m the oldest person there. I suspect everyone else my age got the vaccine weeks ago.

Let’s hope I’m not snowed in again.

Is being elderly a “lifestyle” condition? I mean, I’ve chosen not to kill myself when younger.

You jumped the line to get born earlier. Now you want to jump the line again? Jeez.

Its pretty hard to oversmoke, but hubs has managed it a few times. He oversmoked a beautiful salmon and just killed the taste.

Ok, fellow Dopers, here’s my thank you to @HughGoply.

————-My sister got vaccinated this morning thanks to da Dope!


I can’t thank you enough. Because of your help my sister got a 9:45am appt at the Hy Vee closest to her and was vaccinated!!

Go, Hugh!! Hugh rocks!!

This will make a world of difference to us because now, in two months we can risk me driving 6 hours east and spending a few days with her. It has already been since October 2019 since we have been together in hugging range so what your perspicacity and kindness made possible is enormous, as I am sure you can imagine.

My name is CJ and her name is Janice if you’d like to consider yourself introduced to your grateful public. I’m 71, she will be 68 March 27th. I’m a retired nurse, she is a retired factory worker and Steelworkers union steward. I’m a mother of three, she’s a mother of two. We each have one grandchild.

Thank you again———-

My wife is a teacher. She just got an invitation from her district to a teachers-only vaccine site. She’ll be getting it on Saturday.

April 20th, 2021, at 3:17PM.

March 11, 2021, 6:15 pm

My question was to you and to the link with the “How long with MA people wait for their turn”. Thanks.

I rarely log into articles so I have the limited free ones available to me for stuff that isn’t in the physical paper, but it won’t let me do it. Sometimes they take down the paywall and stuff like this should be, imo. Oh well. I still am sticking with my optimistic early spring guess.

And while I want it NOW, every person who does get it is helping me, even if I am not protected.

I’m hoping the studies with kids come out safely soon. I’ve been reading fall, which is better than never. I would have enrolled my kid in a study but I never could find the sign up.

J&J vaccine found safe and effective by the FDA. Emergency approval is next.

Very good news indeed. Let life-preserving jabs begin, the more the merrier.

Just missed two chances, 20 minutes away from me in different directions, because of not spending enough time on computer refreshing those particular sites.

However – that’s the closest I’ve come yet! I’m actually feeling pretty encouraged. And a good friend of mine in this area got hers today.

Good news!

I can’t remember your general location, but if it is where HyVee grocery store chain has stores, that worked for my sister in Cedar Rapids. @HughReply pointed me via da Dope to new appts opening up with them and I got my dear sister an appt on my first try and she got jabbed within 9 hours of my getting on line for her. Hy-vee.com is the address to input if you live within driving distance. In Iowa you need to be a resident to get any of their vaccine this way.

The marvelous thing is now my sister, because of HughReply’s kindness to me, is now able to walk a friend of hers through getting vaccinated. Takes a village!

You can see my location if you click on my avatar. And I’d never even heard of an HyVee before this thread. But thanks for trying!