Take a guess at who Trump will pardon today

Someone else’s anecdote:

Around 15 years ago, a cousin of mine is working the night shift at a Pilot truck stop on the interstate. Late one night she is the only person in the store when two large black men walk in and start looking all around, not at items on the shelf but the layout of the room itself, and go glance in the men’s room–they were “casing the joint.” she begins to be concerned about what is going to happen next. What happens next is a smaller and younger guy is brought in and heads for the restroom. One of the first guys walks to my cousin walks to my cousin and asks her if she knows who that is. She’s like “Um, no.” he goes “Thats Lil Wayne!” and she is like “Okaaaaay…” in a moment much like this. She had never heard of him, and neither had I when she told me afterwards. But I always think of that when I hear his name. (I’ve still never heard his music.)

So, he has pardoned two people who have scammed Trump supporters? That’s what Bannon is accused of, right?

He has nothing but disdain for his supporters. It would be pretty funny, really, if many of his supporters weren’t so dangerous.

Stopped clocks, blind squirrels, Donald J. Trump…


Some of those actually seem pretty reasonable. In fact, you can tell the ones where there was some solid reasoning vs. Trump wanted this one.

I have no problem with Steve Bannon being pardoned. I’m all for encouraging corrupt right wing grifters stealing money from deplorable idiots, rather than using the funds for the intended purpose - to get monsters elected to government.

I certainly support the reduction of prison time for non-violent drug offenders. Was a long 4-yr wait for the fucker to do something I don’t find offensive.

Well, there had to be a webpage I would refresh every 30 seconds throughout the day today, and you have found it for me. That needs to be gone at 12:00pm Eastern on the dot. I guess we can give them a grace period, say 12:01.

Looks like Charles Kushner (Jared’s total slimeball of a father) and Paul “Obstruction of Justice and Russian Asset” Manafort have been pardoned. Neither of their convictions was in any way a miscarriage of justice.

I really hate the pardon power, and I have since I was really first aware of it in action (the Seth Rich pardon). The president isn’t the king and shouldn’t have king-like powers.

Obama’s pardon of a ton of non-violent drug offenders was a mercy. There needs to be SOME sort of check on the criminal justice system. I’m generally fine with pardon powers because they only undo what was done, they are a negative check. I’d be okay with requiring them to only be used after a conviction, though: that would make it a check on the judiciary, not a personal clemency, like a king.

Marc Rich was pardoned by President Clinton.

Ha! Right. Seth Rich was the one who wasn’t murdered by Hillary Clinton. Sorry, got those confused.

Obama could have, should have, worked with the legislative branch to provide that relief. For all the good he did, a corrupt president can do so much bad.

Anyway, this is all for another thread. I’m not at all shocked that Trump pardoned two people who scammed his supporters, plus a couple of other total low-lifes.

Oh the relief! He didn’t.

My first exposure to the president’s power to pardon was when Ford pardoned Nixon. Which probably was good for the country. The next time I noticed it was when Carter pardoned the draft dodgers, which I supported and think was really helpful in healing the nation, if an imperfect act.

So I generally like the pardon. And mixed in with the political crap, every president, even Trump, has pardoned some people who deserved to be pardoned.

I’d like to see the power limited temporally, so the president couldn’t issue pardons after the last presidential election before he leaves office, perhaps. Something to reduce the lame-duck aspect of it. But I don’t want it to go away altogether.

So the question on everyone’s lips is … how much did Trump make in total from PardonPalooza, and who did he soak the hardest?

My money (heh) is on Anthony Levandowski and/or his backers. I’m sure he’s worth at least $2mil to Uber.

He soaked his supporters who took the capitol, flat out betrayed them and threw them under the bus after they followed Trump’s command. And right after Trump said to them ‘we love you’

Is he still alive? Sorry, i tried to copy and paste, I meant Mumia.

yes, he is.

reads thread title

raises hand Ooh! Ooh! Pick me!

Trump’s not gonna pardon anybody today, 'cause he ain’t President any more! YESSS!!!