Trump planning a bunch of pardons?

He says a guy named Brutus in Rome was framed.

That Aaron Burr was totally NOT a traitor, and Alexander Hamilton had it coming! Take that, libby Broadway types!

The Nuremberg Trials were just a partisan political attack carried out by the Democrats in concert with their Communist allies.

Can somebody tell me what Kim Kardashian has to be pardoned for?

I do my best not to pay attention to that clan, so I don’t know of any actual crimes she has been convicted of. Particularly on the Federal level.

If the question begins “Is Trump planning…” the answer is “no.” He lacks the capacity.

Plus, when it comes to pardons he can’t really plan that. He’s gonna have to wait for individual convictions, then shoot from the hip.

If I’m not being whooshed: Kardashian went to the White House to lobby for a pardon for Alice Johnson, who is serving a life sentence after being convicted on multiple counts related to drug trafficking. The argument that’s been made by Johnson and her allies is that she was a first-time offender, and that the sentence was excessive for non-violent crimes. Prosecutors have argued that her sentence is in line with federal sentencing guidelines, and that there was a large quantity of drugs involved.

For existing…


So the pardon is not for her. That makes more sense.

Thanks for the info.

Trump commuted the sentence of Alice Johnson.

That one I can endorse - 21 years of prison into a first-time non-violent drug offense, in a country with a ridiculous incarceration rate. Now let’s see him advocate for a systematic, not ad hoc, approach to letting them out.

Give props to Kim Kardashian for making this happen, too. Yes, credit where due, whatever else you may think of her and our celebrity culture.

Now I have to commend Kim Kardashian for something? This just gets worse and worse.

there are convicted murderers who don’t do 21 years. I know of a case where one guy did 10 years and the other guy 17 years. The 3rd guy involved got life .

Trump was hoping she’d put a good word in to her cousin, Jong-Un, for him.

the most likely reason that Trump actually commuter her sentence is that ‘Obama didn’t’ - he wants to show people that whatever Obama did/didn’t do - he will/wont do that.

The cynical side of me says that anyone who wants a pardon just needs to approach Trump with an attractive woman as your advocate. Tons of cash probably also helps.

I wonder if Obama might have thought he couldn’t get away politically with pardoning black people.

I expect he did pardon black people. And in his 2nd term it did not really matter.

I notice you didn’t actually give any props to Trump, its ok man you can say he did something good, lol.

My assumption is that this is Trump giving a favor to her husband after Kanye cozied up to him. He’s really big on that sort of thing.

Obviously I’m not going to give him props for that, lol. <–apparently just punctuation now, since it makes no sense to laugh there.