take apart weapons

You often see in movies that a person takes a weapon from a briefcase or whatever and puts it together and makes an damn near impossible shot.
Can this be done with out sighting in the rifle.

No. This is Hollywood BS.

Certain parts might be disassembled. For instance, if I separated the upper and lower receiver on an AR-15, without touching the barrel and the sights, then the zero would not be affected.

Usually, though, the movies show the assassin doing something like screwing on the barrel or attaching the sight to the rail. This would throw off the zero and it’s not possible for them to make an accurate shot afterwards.

yes. they’re called “takedown” rifles.



both claim you’ll still be on zero (sighted in) even after separating them and re-assembling.

The sniper rifle assembly depicted in movies is usually very different from a real-life take-down rifle.

As long as the sighting mechanism is solidly attached to the barrel and no dumb things like silencers.

Lots and lots of shotguns can be “taken down” and reassembled with no loss of accuracy. Obviously a shotgun is a different kettle of fish to a Day of The Jackal-type sniper’s rifle, though.

My AR-7 is a good take down rifle. Hell, all it’s parts fir in the butt of the stock. And .22 is a good caliber for silencers. You basically only here the click of the trigger.

And this is the same model James Bond used in From Russia With Love.

But I guess the OP is asking whether something like this can be used after disassembly/reassembly without recalibrating the scope? I have no idea.

do you have an example? I hear what you’re saying but I’d need to see what kind of thing you’re referring to.

Hollywood comes up with a lot of bullshit, but this is not an example of it. These rifles are real. It isn’t that difficult for a quality rifle and optic to hold a fairly decent zero even after disassembly and reassembly. Here are but a few examples of take-down/concealable sniper rifles: