Take Claritin regularly? Do you still get colds?

I’ve been taking Claritin on a daily basis for about a year and a half now (because I’m allergic to my cat). I haven’t had a head cold since I started, which is great. A couple of times, though, I have felt rotten–run down–and just slightly snottier than usual. I have assumed that these are times when I had a cold virus, but the excellent drainage provided by Claritin was stopping me from getting congested and fully sick.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Does anyone agree or disagree with my theory?

No, I agree … from what I have read, much of the misery of a cold is actually the odd symptom not the actual cold [mucus draining tends to cause sore throats, and mucus can be rendered less annoying by hydrating and using guaifenesin assiduously]

I can tell when I am about to get a cold, I get this funny almost scratch on one side of my throat, and my sinus on that side will almost be blocked. I happen to know if I immediately hork down guaifenesin and dose with nasonex and keep hydrated, AND DO NOT STOP, I can avoid the whole raging sore throat and blocked sinuses, but I have to keep it up for 2 weeks, otherwise I get the full on 2 weeks of misery starting from when I miss the meds.

I’ve taken Claritin for about four years; I do get colds, but not too often (last one was in February). I moved to a different state in August and my allergies have gotten worse, but I haven’t gotten properly sick. There have been several times where I was sure I was coming down with a cold, but it didn’t stick. A week after I moved, I had one day of full-on head cold, and then it went away overnight; that was weird, but certainly preferable to being sick for a week. I don’t know if it has to do with the Claritin or if I just have a weird immune system.

I’ve taken it for four or five years, at my doc’s recommendation. Haven’t had a sinus infection since, and I used to get three or four miserable ones a year.

Man, I’d had the run-down cold-virus feeling for three or four days. Today, this afternoon, I suddenly got the distinct, satisfying sensation of blocked sinuses suddenly clearing up and breathing being easier. I never was stuffed up, but I got the feeling. I’ve got more energy tonight, too.

I took it for years and got the typical number of colds.

No concerns over side effects for taking this kind of medication daily, for years?

I was freaking out because I had to give it to my dog for a few months, I was dreadfully worried about side effects.