Take Cyber Monday and shove it.

Quit inventing this crap. My email inbox is getting flooded with crap about Cyber Monday, as though I’m obligated to buy something. Fuck all of you and shove it. If anything, I will boycott it.

It’s like Mother-in-Law day. The only one’s that should promote a day like that are the gun shops.

Take Cyber Monday and shove it.

Yes please. We do not need a retailer name for every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Wait until Sales Sucked Monday Tuesday.

What is this? Haven’t even heard of it. Context?

It’s the newly invented (at least I never heard of til last year, I think) online alternative to Black Monday. I’ve only gotten one email, from Borders, offering me a “buy one book, get the second one 60% off” deal if I buy online tomorrow. No thanks.

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It was created in 2004 by the National Retail Federation but has, in my experience, largely been a nonsense fluff term used by the media. It doesn’t really have any basis in reality and isn’t meaningful in any way. Black Friday is, of course, also heavily abused by marketing and advertising depts. at retailers, but it’s at least a very meaningful date for U.S. retailers. Black Friday is at least the biggest shopping day in the year, although being the start of the holiday season shopping is more important. Cyber Monday isn’t even the biggest online shopping day of the year, let alone a meaningful beginning to the ecommerce holiday season.

Borders is also offering free shipping on Monday, which makes it worth me shopping online instead of making the trip to my local store. Which is good, because I have $10 in BordersBucks to use up by tomorrow, and this saves me the trouble of adding an errand to my list.

The theory was that people didn’t have good Internet connections and so spent the Monday after Thanksgiving buying stuff online using their work connection. I suspect that today anyone who can do this already has broadband at home, so it has become a pointless marketing opportunity. I’m dreading what I’m going to be finding in my Yahoo inbox when I check it in a few minutes.

Cyber Monday is based upon the idea that on line retailers will see a big bump in sales from the people who shopped on line while they were home over the 4 day Thanksgiving weekend. Not that Monday is a big shopping day.

Monday 11-30, when the sales results from the weekend are reported will tell retailers if they are going to have a good season, or if people are holding back to shop later or spend less. A poor showing tomorrow will bode badly for the retail season as a whole, both on line and off. It is a seasonal economic indicator.

That is it’s only real significance.

Aw, and here I thought this was gonna be about Cyber(sex) Monday. Where is the thread for that?

Excuse me. I forgot that we have to keep the Pit spotless.

Is MPSIMS the new dumping ground for irate, profane rants?

Interestingly,it’s not.

I can see this being convenient for lots of people, but there’s a Borders (the original Borders, in fact) just a couple blocks from campus and it’s easier for me just to go there than to wait for something to be mailed to me.

You back in town again?

I’m perfectly ok with any fluff that retail invents that allows me discounts on items I was gonna buy anyways.

Never heard of someone getting irritated over lower prices.

No it isn’t. It’s based on the idea that Monday will be a big sales day. Why would retailers aggregate the previous four day’s sales and attribute them to some other day?

I can just look at our system monitors to confirm that today (and tomorrow) will probably be our busiest days of the year.

It’s not. I also doubt it’s the day that most retailers go into the black for the year; if you have to depend on Black Friday to stay in business, you’re not doing things right.

Me too. I just did half of my Christmas shopping that was left online and one item that my daughter has been wanting was a ridiculous $30 with free shipping as a “Cyber Monday Deal”. The usual cost is $70-100 (although the site claims it retails for $220) and the weight is enough that shipping alone would ordinarily put me off of buying it online.

I have not been flooded with email (just a few actually and all were useful to me) and truly did appreciate the price breaks. Even if it is made-up and not an accurate representation of what it was meant to be, anything that saves me money is a good thing.

Yup, since September.