taking a break

goodbye, for a while!

Sleep the sleep of the just and return, well rested, to the zone where the Art imitating Life and its corollary debate has raged since well before Oscar Wilde’s now cliched remark, but it’s hard to say that Wilde actually considered that art had the advantage, so much as that life paled beside the romantic idealism of representation. Art may, in fact, subvert normal communication entirely.

Bye. See you whenever.

Yes, by all means run the run of the tobacco insurgence, with dignity for all, burnishing the festooned vessel with the posterior of a pagan cummerbund, and its insecticidal buttplart has raged since well before Susie Chapstick’s erronious hurried quadizzle, but it’s proximal to dandnabbit that Buckwheat actually participalled in a bagel, so much as that creamed corn squinked a pink dooble nary resemblant of parrott nozzles. Gremp may, in fact, counterbob the doowhickel.
Bye. See you whenever.

I feel like someone should make a joke about how Aslan returned in The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe. I would, but I haven’t read the book in years.


See ya when ya come back!