Taking Bets: Who is the 'insider' who wrote the NYT Opinion Piece?

Naw, I think it’s the Conway’s. They’re the new Matalin/Carville, going to sell their life’s story for a book deal, a movie production deal, etc. KAC’s job is to verbally blow Trump whenever she can, but she has no* decision-making authority… but now she’s being floated as Mulvaney’s possible replacement. Think she and George want her in the middle of the shit show, where legally contentious issues have to be dealt with every day? Naw, this book announcement… coming so swiftly on the rumors… is step 3 on their Grand Plan and puts a timeline on her exit.

Or not! It’s fun to speculate though!

*that anyone has been able to ascertain (a caveat)

You might be a able to disguise your style in an op-ed sized piece, but in an entire book? I think the people who do this kind of statistical analysis of writing styles will suss out the identity almost immediately.

Maybe if he wrote an earlier book. Who exactly are the people running statistical analysis on books to determine anonymous authors anyway?

I was thinking the same thing. Wasn’t that how the author of “Primary Colors” was identified? But if this person doesn’t have much publicly available work to compare to, it may be tough to get a match.

The “Kellyanne Conway secretly has a heart of gold” theory takes a slight hit when she calls a reporter just to harangue her for reporting something true. Just reading the transcript I could almost smell the Stoli fumes. Yikes.

As I recall, the anonymous author said he or she would identify themselves before the election.

Did I miss something in a recent news cycle or did it not happen yet? Or will it never happen?

Even if this individual did identify themselves at this point I’m not sure what it would accomplish.

Nothing (much) has happened. The author released a new preface to “A Warning” in August of this year and said they’d reveal themselves in “due course”. Trump said in February that he knew who it was, but hasn’t revealed it yet. Either it would be too embarrassing to admit, or more likely, he was BS-ing.

My guess is Col Vindman who is retired from the Army now so he can reveal his name. It was basically a forced retirement.

I don’t think Vindman is right. Vindman seems to be a “by-the-book” military person, who serves the office faithfully. The stories Anonymous tells (eg swiping a document off the President’s desk so he can’t sign it) is essentially a political operative, bending the rules as needed. Just strikes me to be a different mindset.

From November of last year, this guy thinks the author was former Pentagon aide Guy Snodgrass based on his background and comparisons to a book he wrote. Some of it fits very well, other parts not so well.

George Conway tweets that Anonymous may be speaking out soon:

MIles Taylor, former chief-of-staff of Homeland Security

Anyone have him in the pool?

Well shit, I wish I would have connected the dots. I’ve liked seeing this dude making guest appearances on the primetime (and lunchtime?) CNN shows these last few months. It’s been interesting getting his perspective from his time on the inside.

AP story here:

The NY Times said “anonymous” was a "“senior administration official”. Taylor wasn’t even a senior level official at DHS.

Apparently this guy helped push the industrial-scale child abuse that was Trump’s family separations policy.

Good thing he helped keep Trump’s worst instincts in check. Not that he was really in any position to do so, of course. But any remotely decent human being would have gone begging on the streets before making a living that way.

Fuck him. With very large and very rusty farm implements.

This is why we all here need you here. Where you at?

No joke. He was a Deputy Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Homeland Security at the time. While not a “making copies and coffee” position, I’d be surprised if he’d come within twenty feet of the President at the time and I’m sure he had exactly zero influence over administration policy or strategy.

That’s not what this article says:

(CBC, but article is from the AP)

The wikipedia article on him says he was Chief of Staff, not a deputy Chief of Staff. That makes him pretty senior, I would think - he would have regular contact with the Secretary of Homeland Security.