Taking Bets: Who is the 'insider' who wrote the NYT Opinion Piece?

I’m guessing John Kelly. The circumstances that led him to do it are extreme fatigue, disgust, and a weak-minded thought process. My take is that he misjudged the cowards he works with and thought he would have an eager or at least willing group of high ranking officials that would begin
looking for a 25th amendment path to restoring sanity. But he was way wrong and now he is sweating and just waiting to be outed.

I don’t think it’s Kelly. Sure, he’s part of the conspiracy to keep Trump from fucking up. Of course he is. But he’s not the type to write this letter. He knew going in that this would trash his reputation, and decided that protecting the country was more important. And the letter makes it harder to quietly protect the country from Trump, not easier. So it’s not Kelly.

And it’s not Pence either. Pence wants to be president after Trump is gone. He’s the VP, he can’t be fired. He’s got a plausible path to the Presidency after Trump quits or is fired, but none of those paths include trashing Trump. You’re never going to win the election by betraying Trump because that means the deplorables are never going to support you.

I, along with most of the anti-trump crowd, will be following this story closely and I guess, eventually, we will find out who wrote it. My rationale for this unlikely guess is not deeply rooted in the idea that the person made a careful decision. It is possible that the writer submitted the piece in a state of anger, desperation, and fatigue, along with a dash of outsized self-importance. Or, he could have really thought, based on “insider” talk, that most of his WH associates, would begin the 25th Amendment process. I have zero confidence in Kelly’s adherence to any sort of allegiance to a moral code or military code. He is pretty much a bigot who somehow rose within a system that rewards that sort of dead-end thinking. Who knows…?

Update: The author of the anonymous op-ed is back! And this time with an entire book that picks up “from where those first words of warning left off.”

KellyAnne is ending the grift she and her husband have been on. That’s my guess.

You know, on one hand I’d like to read this book. But on the other hand, if I ever find out that she wrote it, I’ll feel dirty. Like, a shower won’t help dirty.

Agree! And she’s used him to funnel her essay and her book to the publishers (George writes scathing stuff about Trump all the time. Her drafts could be passed off as his).

My theory always was that it was Coates.

It’s Joe Klein, obviously.

(author of Primary Colors)

It’s… TRUMP HIMSELF! The ultimate money making scam.

How’s the line on Kirstjen Nielsen moving, after her speech at the FORTUNE Most Powerful Women Summit?

I might throw a Jefferson on her, unless the odds have come down below 10-1.

I’ll put a nickel on Ivanka. I’m reasonably sure it isn’t Ben Carson.

I’m sure we’ll find out eventually. I’m glad the book is coming out, now I can give my kids a gift idea for my Christmas list. Promises to be a good read. This administration is without doubt a complete disaster, but it should make for some great reading when all the postmortems are written.

An anonymous tell-all book about the White House may as well be fiction. If you have zero idea who wrote it, how can one vouch for its veracity? How can one know the author had the access they claim they have/had?

Anyway, not going to spend any time reading, I’ll just read the react.

However, I think there’s a decent reason to believe that pretty much everyone working for Trump is actually a Never-Trumper who decided personal ambition was more important.

It’s like a game of Clue where everyone is a suspect in a killing, as opposed to your starting point of whether the murder is fake news or not.

“Miss Conway…in the Roosevelt Room…with a tape recorder!”

At this point, I can see the logic that persons in Cabinet departments and so forth - the parts of the Executive Branch that have responsibilities to fulfill, regardless of who is President and what their agenda is - need to stay in place.

But those who work at the White House itself? All they’re doing is enabling Trump. If they all quit, he’d be helpless. AFAIAC, anyone who’s still working there isn’t part of the ‘resistance,’ they’re only fooling themselves if they believe that.

And maybe instead of writing a book first, first take your concerns to the FBI, CIA, NSA, what have you.
(I suppose that it’s possible that that HAS been done, and somehow swept under the rug by Barr…)

Nah. The Conway Grift is, one stays in the White House as a loyal Trumpist, the other is super critical of Trump. That way, whichever way this administration shakes out, they’ve got a guaranteed job. If Trump doesn’t get removed in disgrace, Kellyanne cleans up as one of his most loyal and longest-serving minions, and she and George make bank on that association. If Trump resigns/is impeached/goes to prison, and everyone who worked for him becomes professionally toxic, she “retires” and George cleans up on the lecture circuit as “the Republican who was right about Trump all along.”

It gives me great joy to know that Mick “I’m gonna let Trump be Trump” Mulvaney had been acting Chief of Staff for only 7 months before Trump being Trump did stupid shit that will lead to his impeachment.

God, if only Lyin’ Mick could have taken the job in January 2017…

This, but with the added benefit that the spouse who loses will claim that they were working for the winning side the whole time. I fully expect Kelly Anne Conway to maker her return to polite society by claiming that she was a spy the whole time, but in reality, she’s just seeing which way the wind blows.