Taking Doper Advice

I took the advice from the SDMB believe it or not, first I had to let my parents know and then they called the police… 1 of the 3 kids who to my surprise turned out to be 17 was “arrested” but I found out that he was somewhat mentally slow. He will probably get community service. The father of one of the boys came to our house to apologize and gave my brother 5 dollars and my brother and this boy actually ended up shaking hands. The 3rd boy moved back with his father apparently.
I didn’t expect all that to happen and I really didn’t expect the police to care enough about a kids fight that anyone would get arrested.
So it all turned out OK, thanks.

That’s TERRIFIC, Start! Thanks for letting us know.

Did he get his game back? The reason the police got involved is that it’s considered strong armed robbery btw.

Unfortunately No, but that will come later. :smiley:

Glad to hear things have worked out.