taking the network+ test today!

I’m so excited, but nervous… but confident!
This will be my first certification! My first step into IT, well that’s not quite true. I started a job inputing entries for share point on a website the otherday, nothing complicated but it’ll be a start for basic experience. Still first certification!

Everyone says to take the A+ tests first but I already knew that stuff, and they say on here that College is about learning how to learn so I figured I’d try the harder one first. I’ve been studying cabling, networks, OSI layers, protocols, security and stuff for months. I’ve been working ahead of the class, plus doing a lot of independent studying. It’s some interesting stuff and a lot of fun.
Anyway thinking about how awesome this is has me like super excited, but $200 so kind of :eek: too! So yeah nervous kinda, but I’m also really confident.

Good luck!

Much thanks!

I passed. I am the first in many generations with qualifications beyond registered hill billy.

congratulations! Well done! Good luck on the future ones as well.