Taking the Plunge. Wish Me Luck.

Long story short, I’m no longer working at my former job making nutritional supplements and going headfirst into fulfilling a dream: studying for a degree in special effects animation so that I can one day get a career in storyboarding/character design for video games.

For the first time in my life I’m making my own decision in where to go in my life and aiming for a goal that I’m sincerely passionate about…and I’m scared beyond belief. There’s the practical issue of how I’m going to pay for a private education and live in South Florida without going up to my eyeballs in debt.

But bigger than that is a doubt that I can’t really share with my parents (who have been amazingly supportive, but it’s pretty obvious that they think I’m nuts to go for this)–

What if I can’t make it? What if I flake out, like I did before? What if I just don’t have the talent? What if things just don’t work out for me?

Still, being creative is a definite passion: I love writing and drawing, and worldbuilding and going into nitpicky details, and watching my characters blossom into real, living breathing people instead of just a collection of data in my head, so I’m going to tough it out and push forward.

But I’d love to have more people rooting for me in my corner, and I know that you lovely folks at the Dope are the most wonderful, supportive group I’ve met in a long time.

I’ll keep y’all updated on my progress (knocks on wood). So far I’ve completed about 1/4th of my degree, and class starts next week.

deep breath

I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can…


waves pom-poms

Yay you! How exciting! Yay!

Best of luck! Follow your dream.

(Pssst: it’s pom-pon - with an “n”)

Then you’ll move on. But if you don’t at least try, you will never have a day’s peace the rest of your life (maybe I exaggerate, but you get the idea). Congratulations and best of luck! Up and at 'em!

Then you can’t. Then you do. Then you don’t. Then they won’t. Life goes on. Specifically, your life will go on. I don’t know how old you are, but I’m guessing that you have at least as much life ahead of you as behind.
In your position, I’d be asking myself “What if I get hit by a bus next week? What if I get some terrible disease and can hardly leave my home? Will I regret not doing the things I wanted to?”
Your nervousness and questions are natural, and you’d be foolish not to have them. But you’d be even more foolish if you let them keep you from putting everything you can into pursuing your dreams.

Good luck, and let us know what games you end up developing–I’ll buy a copy!*

  • That is, if it doesn’t suck. :smiley:

I have been unable to find any evidence corroborating the notion that we may have more than one life to live and therefore a second chance later and therefore no need to spend this life doing exactly what we want. Gotta give it a try.

For the record, God of War is beautiful and Star Wars Battlefront II endlessly entertaining.

Way to go, and good luck!

Where are you going to study? I understand that there is or was some serious game-development going on in Montreal.

I’m studying at a small private college in Boca Raton. Hideously expensive, but the professors there know their shit and have connections to people inside the company. Every year, they also help students to show off their work at Siggraph.

Thanks for the support, all. And yes, I know (intellectually speaking) that I’m making it out to be a bigger deal than it is. But it’s my Dream, something I care deeply about, so I’m a little nervous to say the least.

I’m 28, but I spent a good chunk of my life in that twilight zone called “adolescence”, and I’m just now figuring out where to go in life. (I guess it’s better that I’m having my “mid-life crisis” now instead of when I’m 40, right?)

I remember one theory went like this: 70% of most jobs are BS. If you really enjoy the 30% that you like, then the other 70% works itself out.

And if you’re doing something you really want to do you’re already motivated. You’re going to make the extra effort because you want to, not because you have to.

What did Edison say the ratio was between inspiration and perspiration?

Good Luck!

Do you need a personal cheerleader? I’ve got my own pompons and I can follow you around on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday nights.


Go Dot! cheers like mad

“What if I can’t make it? What if I flake out, like I did before? What if I just don’t have the talent? What if things just don’t work out for me?”

What if you DO make it? What if you don’t flake out like you did before? What if you have the talent? What if things work out perfectly for you?

Good luck to you. Have faith in yourself.

You know what? Your post made my day. I was going to apply to graduate school in a field (social work) I was uncertain was my passion. I changed my mind, decided you only live once, and have decided to apply for a Human Rights public policy internship in Ecuador.

Live your dreams, man. Conquering them despite terrors is one of the greatest highs the world can offer.

Good luck to you, dotchan. Yes, those first steps are indeed scary. Some decades ago, I veered off a very “safe and comfortable” path back in Texas. Through a roller coaster of a journey, I now have a fantastic life and a fantastic wife on the other side of the world. I’d probably still be very comfortable if I’d remained back in Texas, or even Albuquerque, where I lived for a time. But I had a dream of my own to follow (which largely was to get the hell out of Texas, but there was more to it than that really), and I don’t regret going for the gold for one instance.

Edit: I want to point out, too, that once you embark upon that path, if things do start going wrong, you can often find a way of making them right again, or even find a NEW path that you hadn’t thought of before. This would never happen if you remained sitting back in your safe home worrying about what could go wrong. “Sink or swim” works amazingly well in these circumstances, and you often find you’re a surprisingly good swimmer.

Go for it—and good luck!