Talent cannot be defined

I have now met so many people in my life,who say that…’‘oh my god!!!he/she is so talented…i wish i was like him/her’’…other of my friends would agree and would either oppose/support,but all that i have done from day 1 after hearing that phrase is…does sumtin lik tat exist???

the answer according to me is NO…it doesn exist…myself being an engineer now…can explain,where my ‘so called talent comes from’’…tou it mite not be my ‘TING’ at all…i have realised that,in this society ,to really find ,wat u really like is difficult’’…

stay tuned to know wy…

But I can’t help wondering, why The Barn House? OK: tou it mite explains it.

Stay tuned for a spam link!

relly spamer,u mus tri hardr