Tales of the Gold Monkey

Tales of the Gold Monkey is being released on DVD on June 8.

Oh wow. Blast from my childhood.

Pre-ordered. The neat thing is, while I remember loving this show as a 12-year-old, I don’t remember any of the plots or storylines, so it will all be new to me again! I wonder how it has aged?

Pre-ordered. My friend Sue gave me a bootleg VHS tape of a couple of episodes for my birthday about 20 years ago because she knew I loved this show so much. Back when Stephen Collins had hair! (Or was it a rug even then?)

Is that the one with the cool seaplane?

Yep. And the one-eyed dog!

Cutlers Goose, a Grumman Goose.

Four for sale (no price listed, but there’s a slideshow).


I did like that show, but I’m really posting to say to the OP that that series almost made me take up flying lessons again 'cause I wanted to pilot a cool seaplane like that some day!

Thanks, Johnny L.A.!

I didn’t pre-order, but it’s in my shopping cart. :wink:

Loved that show! I watched it faithfully every week, and even videotaped a few episodes, but nowhere near the whole series. About 2001, I did find someone on ebay that was selling copies of the episodes, but they turned out to be gawd knows what generation copies of videotapes and were nowhere near perfect quality, so I know all the storylines, but it’ll be nice to see them as they were originally.

Thanks for letting me know about this!

This has been out in my Region (4) for a few months, but I haven’t bought it. A friend of mine back in NZ, though, is a fan, and thinks it still holds up well, so I am considering purchasing it…

I may have to check this out to see if I still go weak in the knees for Caitlin O’Heaney.

Done in the wake of Raiders, it was still pretty cool.

Therre was another series…Bring Em Back Alive, wan’t it?

I remember when all those he-man-type shows came out just about at the same time: Tales of the Gold Monkey, Bring 'Em Back Alive with Bruce Boxleitner, Matt Houston, and, to some extent, Remington Steele.

Based on the adventures of Frank Buck!

This both pleases me and makes me a little apprehensive. When I was (however freaking young I was at the time) Tales of the Gold Monkey and Bring 'em Back Alive were two of my favorite shows.

I’d love to see them again, but I fear they wouldn’t hold up as well as I remember them and that that would take away something fun.

I got the entire series on bootlegs a few years ago. My wife and I both loved the show as kids. Parts of it still hold up, but the effects… hoo boy!

Trivia item:
You’ll notice that the Donald Bellisario as the producer, who would also produce, among other things, “Quantum Leap.”
The seldom-seen head scientist in “Quantum Leap” was Gushie. Apparently, Bellisario liked the name, as one of the recurring characters in “Tales” was named “Gushie,” but he was a waiter, not a scientist.

Thanks for the heads up! I remember loving this series fondly as a child, although all I remember is my feelings about it and not anything else like plot, character, etc. I look forward to the cognitive dissonance :slight_smile: