talk about MPS

I’m new.
So what now?
Beer and paddling?

Ha. You wish.

Kindly step through this door right here please and whatever you do, DON"T TAP THE GLASS! Now, someone will be along shortly to begin the initiation.


Come on in and sit down for a spell.

I think you have to get up to a certain (secret) number of posts before you get to enjpy the paddling. You see, I’m fairly new here myself and they’re keeping hush about the paddling.

You’ve got my vote for the best user name on the boards. Other than that, I got nothing. This ain’t the welcome wagon.

First I said “huh”?

Then I looked again.

Yup, it’s on my short list now too. :eek:

Yup – one for you, one for us. Care to guess which is which?