My First Post - What Do I Need To Know?

Ok, so after a long time lurking I finally decided to take the plunge and try a trial membership. I read the rules carefully but I need some pointers about this message board from you all if thats Ok. Are there any dos and don’ts - some of the different sections like “The Pit” and “The Great Debates” look a bit scarey for a new comer! Theres some smart people here! Where’s the best place to start for somebody who jsust wants to dip her toes in the water?

Thanks!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Don’t subscribe until we let you know it’s safe?!

Have you read Denis Glover’s poem The Magpies , QuardleOodleArdleWardleDoodle? I saw your nick, and was instantly reminded of the poem. Very cool. :cool: Welcome to the board, BTW! :slight_smile:

The discussions in the other sections (here, IMHO, Cafe Society and The Game Room) are lower-intensity on average, if that’s your concern. But my advice would be to just find some threads that interest you and post in them.

If you read the rules, then all you really need to know is, “Don’t be a jerk”. Follow that one rule here and you will do just fine.

If you are asking about the “unwritten rules” of this board, I can give you the following based upon my experience here:

  1. Beer is not required to enjoy the posts of others here on this board, but it helps!
  2. Og appears to be the creator of life, the universe and everything… but only on this message board.
  3. Using the phrase, “Hi Opal!” as the third point in a numbered list is no longer required… nor is it funny.

and most importantly…

  1. Any mention of an ice blue double ended jelly dildo MUST be followed by an :eek: .

Hi!! Welcome to the Boards!! Don’t be scared, it’s pointless. Too late now, you’re already one of us, and we get to commence your initiation by…listens to headset for interruptio…oh, you didn’t actually sign up yet? You’re still undecided? ahem! Nevermind, carry on then. We’re all really nice, and friendly, and we want to be your friends. Right guys?

As does pie!

Right! Absolutely! Of course! (Guys! Wheel the squid back out! And hide those lollipops!)

Quardle, enjoy your stay! smooch


It is at time like these I turn to a great line from Ocean’s Eleven. “Whatever you do, don’t …”

Welcome to your trial membership!

Can I call you Oodle?

My advice is don’t be afraid, just be yourself. The vast majority of posters here are fabulous, compassionate, interesting and intelligent. Try not to take the occasional snark personally – some people seem to do this recreationally with no intentional malice. Just dive right in and have fun! There really is something here for everyone.

A newbie?


What do you need to know? With a name like that, as you may have noticed already, people will abbreviate. I like the name, though.

Welcome. welcome!

In Great Debates, always cite your claims. Many people believe that Wikipedia is not authoritative enough.

I’ve got the industrial 5 gallon bucket of yak jizz. Does someone have the mini trebuchet?

What I want you to avoid is adding to any thread where people are correcting each other’s spelling. With a name like “QuardleOodleArdleWardleDoodle”, you’ll never pass their spell checkers :smiley:

Welcome to the Dope, kick the tires, enjoy the ride and hopefully you will become a member.

The don’ts are easy to follow. Don’t be a jerk and don’t insult members outside of the pit.

What are your interests? This board seems to cover anything.

Avoid bbs2k at all costs, and for Og’s sake do not try the sheep dip. (Especially if Hal Briston has been near it.)

Spelling counts.
Cites count.
Humor is a plus.
Digs at Hal Briston’s proclivity for farm animals never grow old.

Thanks for the kind welcomes and all the advice! I’ll even try my best to spell properly. :o Its best if you do shorten my name if you like - Oodle sounds nice. I took it form the Dennis Glover poem that Ice Wolf showed - we have lots of magpies in the trees at the back of the section and they sound just like that in the morning. And they like shiney things! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Welcome! We’re glad to have you here.

My tip: Never wade into a major debate without a lot of citations.

Such as:

  • Coke v Pepsi
  • Macintosh v MS Windows v *IX
  • Straight Dope v LiveJournal
  • Any writing contest involving Sauron, Master Wang-Ka, etc.
  • What happened in the distant background of any scene in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, even if it was visible only in the original theatric release.
  • Any discussion of new cats. Photos are mandatory in feline discussions.

Get your feet wet immediately. Go over to Great Debates, find a logical inconsistency in a post by someone marked as a ‘Charter Member’, and nag about it until the issue is resolved to your satisfaction.*

Ask a question in ‘General Questions’; some people will answer with opinions and the post will get bumped to “In My Humble Opinion”, where people will discuss the issue for weeks.

If you want to post an entertaining anecdote, polish it nicely; you are following in some very talent shoes.**

  • Don’t do that. Go to the Pit, and do it to anyone with a high post count.

** I was going to correct the metaphor, but decided I liked it this way.