Test thread here. Ignore or delete as warranted.

Hi. Though I registered long ago, I just ponied up for the registration fee because I’m a cheap bastard. I was (am) drunk, and me & alcohol & a credit card & ted & alice are a bad combination. But I need to test out a few things before I can be a productive citizen here.

First, a spoiler tag:

Krispy Kreme is people!

And now a link:

The Wikipedia page on Kafka’s The Metamorphosis

Ha! Even got an italic in there.

Let’s see how it looks! Yay!

Well, not quite so dificil. Onward and upward!

Welcome, Octopi, you’ll get along great with the squid.

Italics. :smiley:

My first correction. I assure you, I am weeping with joy.

What in blazes are you talking about, and, more importantly, what are you drinking?

Well, I just got a subscription here. I wanted to test the act of posting, which is somewhat complicated given the options (spoiler tags, urls, etc.) and this is the forum for ‘test posts’, which I assume is for newbies such as myself to try out such matters so as not to fuck up other peoples’ shit in other forums. So I tried a spoiler tag, and then a url link.

If this is the wrong place to do this, well, these are unfortunate consequences of unfortunate times.

I am drinking beer. To be more specific:

(1) Shiner Bock - smooth, relatively boring, but not unpleasant
(2) Pumpkin Ale by Buffalo Bill’s Brewery - disgusting. I had to empty it into the sink.
(3) Hibernation Ale by the Great Divide Brewing Company - very hoppy, flavorful, powerful. I think it is this one that put me over the edge to get out the credit card and join up here.
(4) Stawski Premium Lager - a smooth one.

All purchased from the fine establishment of Lincolnwood Wines & Spirits, where you can mix&match several beers into a single six pack. The best idea in liquor retailing I’ve ever heard.

Oh, and Runner Pat, thanks for the welcome.

The [del] tag seems to be a favorite people never remember how to use.
[del]It does this[/del]

Hard to tell whether you’re aware of this, but the registration fee has been made optional. You obviously paid it, but you needn’t have in order to post.

Welcome to the board, 25.1327 Octopi. Please stop by the MPSIMS forum and introduce yourself, and feel free to talk beer preferences in… IMHO? Cafe Society? MPSIMS?

If you start a thread in the wrong forum, don’t sweat it. Our friendly mods will gladly move a thread to its proper place. (Keeping the mods friendly, though, requires massive infusions of chocolate.)

My, my, everyone is so friendly here! Maybe I’ll head on down to that BBQ thread - I expect that it’s like a backyard party, with folks grilling burgers, eating potato salad, sharing a laugh over drinks and indulging in some back-slapping amity.

Thanks for the welcome, Mr. Ben.


More like a backyard barbecue if you’re neighbors with Dexter.
Welcome aboard, and congratulations on having a Dopername that is weirder than mine. Since you’re an actual member, I suppose that should be “Welcome aboard, Sir!”.

Fifteen bucks spend doth not a better man make. Apologies if you are not a man.

[unbuttons pant, checks ]

I am.

[scratches, grunts, buttons pants]

Del does strike-through? :confused: A tad bit counter-intuitive if you ask me.
Wow. Learn something new everyday.

That’s probably why everyone forgets what it is.

So, any buyer’s remorse from your drunken purchase yet? :slight_smile:

Yip, but it’s standard VB code. what’s funny is that there are hacks specifically designed to let you use [s] instead.

I once paid $300 for a rare, out-of-print LP by an obscure Italian avant garde combo on E-bay. About two years later they re-issued the damn thing on CD.

The tragedy was I was sober at the time.

In short, remorse is unlikely.