Talk to me... add me... new BBC show!!

Hi! Good to be here on straight dope… Alan from BBC Radio 4 in London here creating a new internet phone-in documentary - we’re looking at who’s out there and what you’re up to online and offline over five days and nights. Have you got an interesting story to tell about what’s going on in your life right now? If so, I’d love to hear from you. This show is about people not opinions - so I want to hear your story, about who you are, what you do, and what makes you tick. Everyone welcome. Add me as a friend on Facebook: and be sure to Skype me at dontlogoff at the following times

Mon 21 Nov - 1600-2200 GMT (eg. London) / 1100-1700 EST (eg. NYC) / 0800-1400 PST (eg. Los Angeles) / 0300-0900 + 1 day EDT (eg. Sydney)
Tue 22 Nov - 0700-1200 GMT / 0200-0700 EST / 2300-0400 PST / 1800-2300 EDT
Wed 23 Nov - 0700-1200 GMT / 0200-0700 EST / 2300-0400 PST / 1800-2300 EDT
Thu 24 Nov - 1600-2200 GMT / 1100-1700 EST / 0800-1400 PST / 0300-0900 +1 day EDT
Fri 25 Nov - 1600-2200 GMT / 1100-1700 EST / 0800-1400 PST / 0300-0900 + 1 day EDT

It’s a phone-in, remember, so we’ll be recording if you call - look forward to hearing from you!

The finished show will be on BBC Radio 4 on 2nd Jan 2012 at 1102am GMT - we’ll try to include as many callers as possible.

Thanks for reading.

If this isn’t a wind-up… this is my idea of heaven. I’ve been a Radio 4 addict for thirty years now.

I am certainly quite interested.

Though I have to say you’ve left it a bit late.

I take it back - I was a week out in my dates.

Worried this thread may be closed soon as it’s promoting something. I urge the mods not to: I’ve checked it out and this is legit, and it could be fascinating. Alan is an award-winning oral historian. I’ve heard some of his other stuff and it’s excellent.

My favourite was an amazing program where he called random phone boxes and (with their permission) interviewed the people who picked up. It was absolutely fascinating and cumulatively quite lovely to hear all these random people’s lives - he drew fascinating stories out of them.

Dopers - if you want to be featured on a highly respected national radio station, follow the instructions above!

This does look legitimate, so I shall leave it for now. Alan, stick around and become an official Doper!

Just as a little bonus: Alan Dein on the great Studs Terkel.

It was obviously legit. A faker wouldn’t make the broadcast time 1102.

But, a Radio 4 phone-in? You’re not Gary Bellamy, I suppose?

Am I being wooshed or do you all actually believe this is legit?
Hmmm…autocorrected to woodshed…

Hi all - yes this is totally legitimate. I understand some of the hesitation but it’s not spam. I’d be delighted to hear from you… as I say, the show is about people, so we’re interested to talk to anyone with a story to tell. Thanks again for allowing me on the board. Cheers, Alan

Oh, well, in that case, I’m completely convinced now.