Talkatone Questions

Im an american that relocated to canada. At the moment, i dont have a cell phone… i didnt get one b/c i dont know anyone here and just have a canadian landline. When i make phone calls to the usa, i go to my gmail and use google voice to make the phone call.

  1. Last time i tried to use google voice on my itouch… it didn’t work. Does anyone know why? When i use google voice, i log into my gmail account and then click on the icon with the phone to make a phone call. This is on my laptop. But on my itouch… i cannot find this icon. Is it b/c i cannot do google voice phone call on the itouch?
  2. I read there are programs where you can make phone calls free and text free as well with an itouch. My itouch is 4th generation. I read there is a program called talkatone that i could use on my itouch but using it would be my google voice number? My google voice number is a california one… i created one when i was in the usa but i live in east coast… not sure why my area code for google voice was a california one.
    Anyways, can i use talkatone on my itouch and then it would work making phone calls to the usa or in canada? Of course i will be on wifi for this to happen as i read it requires wifi or 3g/4g.
  3. Another question i have is can i text using talktatone? I cant seem to text with my google voice number when in my gmail acct. Is there a reason why? This is on my laptop. I would like to text someone that is in the usa frequently. Can i do this with talkatone then? I read its not available for canadians but since im an american that is in canada… and my google voice number is an american one i can?
  4. Also does it cost anything more for the person to receive my phone call or text in the usa if i use talkatone? Because for text… it would be an international text but isn’t it still regular text since my google voice number is american even though im in canada? The only thing i know is me calling with google voice to the usa on my laptop doesnt cost anything if i call a landline at home.
  5. Just really confused b/c i read the FAQ and it seems they say all is free but some things they mention like cheap international calls and texts… which confuses me b/c i thought its all free unless you do the talkatone premium? I guess they mean if you are canadian and have a canadian google voice number then its not free to text or call to the usa but its free if you are an america and doesnt matter if you in the usa or canada since you have an american google voice number?

I use Talkatone. Calls and text, free in US - never checked Canada. Probably depends on GV.

The Google Hangouts App recently gained the ability to make VOIP calls which was missing from the GoogleVoice App on iOS (it was texting only). As a result, I think Talkatone may be getting squeezed out of the GV arena.

okay got an iphone 4s and tried to install talkatone. When im doing this, it ask me for a phone number. I have a gmail phone number… so this number isn’t the same as google voice number?
It seems to ask for a backup phone number, i currently dont have a cell phone number activated at the moment. Does anyone know what i do then?