talking about monkeys, an experiment..

i got these thru the email sometime back, what i want to ask is if the said experiment is plausible? shugs it does sounds ok to me… :slight_smile:

I think a lot of organized religions fall into this category. My guess is that a lot of ritual and law is based on something no one remembers anymore. Now they just do it because of the tradition. No one wants to mess with it and no one is going to question it either (being that God wants it that way, right?). I only use religion as an example because there is definitely a sense in many of them that if you question you will get in trouble (go to Hell, that sort of thing). But I’m sure that there are a lot of examples of where people are doing things by tradition and have no idea how or why it started, but part of the tradition is to not question it either. If people did go against it and didn’t get “sprayed with cold water”, then the tradition would likely die. The only difference between humans and the monkeys is that we can use language to tell all future generations of newcomers why we don’t touch the banana. You have to take that part out of the mix so that no one is compelled to ask and no one feels obligated to point out any competing reasons why the banana is bad.

Plausible? WAG: sooner or later some lazy/corrupt/troublemaking/motivated/naive/wiseguy monkey is going to stop enforcing the rule, or is going to go for the banana regardless.