Talking ATMs

With a nod of inspiration to Big_Girl, who posted about an ATM in her LJ, I was reminded of something I’d been meaning to post about, namely the talking ATM machines.

The Safeway stores in my area switched a year or so ago from Chevy Chase bank to another bank, and the new bank put in new ATMs, which talk to the customer. First, you have to tell it if you want to use English or Spanish, so I’ve only heard the English version. But the strangest thing is … the English-speaking voice is a -British- accented one! This jarred me a bit at first, then my daughter and I just found it amusing. But why would they use a British-accented voice (and maybe it isn’t -really- a voice after all, purely computer-generated?) for Americans? It is a well documented fact, after all, that British English and American English are two entirely different languages, you know! :smiley:

I hope it’s not Mary Poppins English:

“Greatins Gov’na. Milkin the ol cash cow t’day are we? Right! Care to e’nter your PIN fer me and we’ll get down to it. I see you’ve e’ntered 3 4 2 7. Right. Eff this is correct den 'it that ol green but’n down there”"

I think a Julia Childs voice would be great.

(I’m gonna miss her on Sat morns)

Can you imagine the embarrassment, though, with any kind of voice, if you’re overdrawn? :eek: