Talking Mongoose

Has anyone ever heard anything about this story…
During the years between the wars on the Isle of Man a family on a remote farmhouse were ‘haunted’ by a talking mongoose that called himself Gef. Its a bizarre story and probably a hoax, but I like hoaxes and ghost stories. I just cant find anyone who has heard of it. TA.

I remember it, but can’t give you any cites. I know it was written up in the “psychic” press – magazines like “Fate”. I’m sure I saw something in the skeptical press, too, but it was over 25 years ago.

A link.

Thank you beatle

My wife has a book called Open Files [sub]Impossible Happenings which have Never Been Explained.[/sub] It was published by Orbus Publishing in London in 1983. It has a whole chapter dedicated to the Talking Mongoose of the Isle of Man.

It lived in a place called Doarlish Cashen with the Irving family in the early 1930’s. It’s name was Gef. James and Margaret Irving had a 13 year old daughter named Voirrey. (an odd name.) The book has a few fuzzy photos that are supposed to be of Gef. One shows tiny hands clenched thru slats in a bedroom wall, and another, taken by Voirrey herself, shows a very fuzzy little animal on a fence. The book kind of reaches the conclusion that the whole thing was a hoax by her that her parents went along with. Lab samples of what was purported to be fur from Gef was identical to fur from the family dog, Mona. Foot and teeth marks supposedly from Gef were also discredited by a scientist at the Natural History Museum in London. Apparently Gef never spoke unless Voirrey was near. It is thought that Voirrey was inspired by the Kippling’s Rikki-Tikki-Tavi.

The story has a lot in common with other alledged Poltergeist activity, in which a early teenaged girl is present.

For an “Open File” the book pretty much makes the whole thing out to have been a complete hoax.