Greetings from Loch Ness

This news keeps “resurfacing” (pardon the pun :smiley: ) I have been very interested in the Loch Ness Monster (aka: “Nessie”) ever since the various news reports of the 1970’s - when I was a boy. But, around 1998, can you recall…?

Didn’t a small group come forward admitting to have bought an old submarine to fool people and fake photos of “Nessie”? Perhaps the legends, with reported sightings dating back to circa 500 AD (per 60 Minutes II), plus the influence of the recent crop-circle hoax give these people this idea?

Funny how Nessie hasn’t been in the news maybe the 1970s, but I WAG the sightings continued despite the silent media. Also, I should add, I heard the revered scientist who is seeking out “Nessie” (and prolific inventor) speak to the Examining Corps at the US Patent Office. He’s a very sharp individual. He just mentioned in passing his intentions to seek out “Nessie”. The 60 Minutes II report was even more fascinating with some high-tech equipment unearthing some interesting photos, etc.

BTW, to give creedence to his work and his robotic oceanic equipment, this man is credited with locating (or playing a major role in locating) the Titanic.

  • Jinx

I think what you are refering to is discussed here.

A friend of mine was once at a scout camp by the loch, but he didn’t see any monster, which we attributed to the fact that as he was only a boy at the time he hadn’t drunk any whisky. :slight_smile:

I didn’t catch the whole story, but sometime on the Today show in the past couple of weeks they showed a 1930’s newsreel of footage of Nessie swimming along, skimming the surface of the loch. Apparently the footage had been lost for some time, and has recently been found. I think it’d be pretty cool if there was something there, but I was unimpressed with the film.