Nessie finally caught on camera?

Article from telegraph with photos.

A monster hunter who has spent 26 years searching for the Loch Ness Monster claims to have taken the “best picture ever” of the beast, after dedicating 60 hours a week to his quest.

If it is photoshopped, it is a good job.

It could be a big turd. It means nothing really.

All the efforts, all the boats, all the film- and finally someone captures the beast sun bathing?

Colour me sceptical. I have done a number of cruises on Loch ness and every one of the skippers I have been with not only is convinced Nessie exists but one even has pictures transferred to his mobile phone which he will show you. And a German Millionaire has offered him $26 million for a Nessie of his own! (of course he refuses).

No. I don’t believe it is a monster. And his unnamed sources in the US Military could be Gomer Pyle.

Apologies for the derail, but on a totally unrelated note that has absolutely nothing whatever to do with this new photo, the London Olympics must be drawing visitors away from Loch Ness this summer. You’d think the tourist industry in the area would do something to generate more interest in Nessie.

Good point:-)

Pffft. You spend 60 hours a week cruising around looking for monsters and you bring a compact point and shoot camera to the gun fight? At least spring for a decent SLR and a 500 mm lens.

For someone who claims to have spent 60 hours a week for 26 years looking for proof that Nessie exists, what sort of piss poor equipment is that photo taken with?

Why is there no video of the supposedly 10 minutes the creature was in view? And what, no-one on board recorded anything?

And how high is his boat - is it a cruise liner?

George just needs some funds for his tanning bed addiction. You can see in his eyes that he’s already planning to have Sean Connery play him in the movie about him not getting a movie of the Loch Ness Monster moving.

That’s the ‘best picture ever’? I took a better picture of Nessie than that (I’m not even kidding).

That was my thought. You’d think after all these years, he’d be ready to jump in with some sort of (even cheap) underwater DSLR and snap a few pictures.

You’d think he’d at least have a freakin’ telephoto lens…and couple of mounted videos that continuously filmed the entire loch every day.

It’s a picture of something, I suppose.

Working a tourist boat on the Ness makes you an expert monster hunter?

I think its a fake. It seems to me to be something carved out of wood or styrofoam. It just doesnt look like a real animal.

“It was quite a fair way from the boat, probably about half a mile away but it’s difficult to tell in water”

The ripples and waves are too detailed to have been taken at a distance, and the camera seems to be angled down. I’m not sure how far apart those small waves like that typically are but from my experience, it’s usually a few feet at most. My guess is the object is about 40 feet away and 3 feet long.

Looks shopped to me.

Yeah, unless he climbed up a tall mast (which he didn’t), the angle says he was a whole lot closer than half a mile.

Total bullshit.

And, I missed it earlier, the article says he took the photo with a “compact Samsung digital camera.” I’m no camera expert but the ripples wouldn’t show with that much detail from a half mile away with any compact camera I’ve ever had. Judging by the ripples, the scene looks a lot like this and this.

So, the Loch Ness monster is a sturgeon?

The guy’s statement about the people who supposedly authenticated the photo is:

Which sounds pretty weak to me.

Michael Phelps should stop wearing that stupid dark grey Speedo when practicing.

The Daily Mail article about the picture quotes the guy as saying that “US military monster experts” have verified the photo (or something). Yes, I know The Daily Mail/ Fail sucks, etc. I almost got flamed to death once by a bunch of Brits on another site for linking to a Daily Mail article before I knew their reputation. :wink: Its fun to speculate about who these US military “monster experts” are, though. :slight_smile: