Talking to yourself

Is there a word for talking to yourself?

(Obviously i need it for my next solo conversation…I’m very harsh on my poor use of vocabulary)

While I’m here…is they’re really much of a corralarion between talking to yourself and insanity or…well, being a bit off?

Obviously if you think someone is talking back, or if you can’t stop in situations that are inappropriate. Or if you talk to yourself more than other people. That’s kind of a problem.

But sometimes I talk to my self, when I’m by myself, because sometimes you have to hear your thoughts to see if they really make sense…so am I a bit off? Or a total nutter?

Anyway though my real question reamins is there a word for this?

I kind of mumble to myself when I’m walking, for some reason, usually something along the lines of “OK, I’ve got to do this, then do that, etc”. I don’t think it’s crazy to do something like that. Now if you’re loudly ranting about THEM being out to get you, then, yeah, you’re a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

I found a journal abstract that gives several synonyms: “private speech,” “egocentric speech,” “self-communicative speech,” “self-guiding speech” and “soliloquy”

Thank you biblophage (not surprising someone with taht name would have an answer :))

Problem is none of them are COOL names…(egocentric speach? that sounds depressing
:frowning: . Solilogy isn’t bad :)) I was hoping for something…I don’t know, like aphasia…you know, official. So when some one catches me at it I can just say "I’m meary engaging in …what ever. Something impressive. That’ll shut’um up (so i can get back to my more iinteresting conversation.)
And Arky thank you for saying i might not be crazy. After all, I would NEVER talk about THEM out to get me…that’s how THEY find you out! (And thanks a lot now I want a Happy meal!)

“They say talking to yourself is a sign of impending mental collapse.” -Infocom

Erm, no. I don’t think it’s crazy if you know you’re talking to yourself and are doing so deliberately. It’s when the silence starts talking back and you begin to think trepanation might be a good idea that you should start being concerned.

I’ll talk to myself sometimes – in certain circumstances I find it helps me remember something better if I hear it out loud. It’s also useful in prorgamming, where you often task yourself with working out complex routines in your head to achieve a particular outcome.

At least it assures on of an intelligent conversation! :slight_smile:

Conveniently, I’m also an excellent listener.

It’s the third sign of madness.
The second sign is having hair on the palm of your hand.

Psychologists divide thought into a couple of different categories. I can’t be arsed to remember any of them except one called “Self Talk” that’s basically what you’re talking about, except generally not vocalized. There’s nothing wrong with vocalizing it, though; but I’d be careful, because a lot of times you think you’re alone and you’re not. I found that out when I was a nose-picker in elementary school; I always thought nobody could see me but it turned out they could. I was also in a grocery store bathroom stall once when one of the store employees came into the bathroom to stock paper towels or something, looked around and decided he was alone, then started dancing and singing a song in one of those irritating, totally non-appealing voices you sing songs to yourself in in your head that nobody else wants to hear. A really, really embarrassing one in a really strange tone of voice. I, being incredibly stoned at the time, felt a strong sense of empathy for the guy–I just didn’t have the heart to walk out of the stall and show myself while he was doing his private Fred Astaire routine.

Make something up. Only Psych majors and doctors will know the difference. Here’s a couple ideas off the top of my head:

Wunden’s Aphasia (pronounced Voon-den)
Autonomous Endoplasmic Reticulum Activation
Autolinguistic Diffusion

Hah. You’ll be trying to tell me that all those folks out there really have working cell phones. :stuck_out_tongue:

The joke I’ve always heard (and I still smile every time I tell it to myself):

It’s only really a problem when you find yourself always arguing with yourself, and always losing.

I like “soliloquy.” Sounds so respectably artistic.

Exactly!!! Who else do i get to understand the nuances of my philosophy???

Dammit! now I have another problem…what’s the word for hair on your palm? and what’s the first sign???:eek:

I always called it interior dialogue, interior chatter, whatever. According to Zen it’s a product of monkey mind. Meditation is a means to make it shut up and be quiet.

Not a bad idea…i think I like Autolinguistic Diffusion. Definitly enough to have them leave me to my own own obsessions (like they have anything better to say!!!)

Anyway i hope this continue…i think self talking…i mean Autolinguistic Diffusion is a rahter interesting subject…and something a lot of us indulge in…but not gross like nose picking (no offence fetus)

Oh and i swear i said someting good about your nose picking story and the bathroom Fred Astaire. I meant to.

Seconded. Reminds me of ventriloquist.
How can you tell if a ventriloquist is soliloquizing?

theres an example, from the X-Files.

The first sign of madness is looking for palm hair. :stuck_out_tongue:

I talk to myself a lot while I’m driving. Sometimes I really need to talk to someone who actually cares.