Tape running backwards on tv shows

Does anybody else notice this? Ever since I first noticed it, I can’t help seeing it all the time now. It just jumps out at me and it’s so annoying, not so much because it looks bad but because it’s amazing that the producers think nobody will notice when they take such a short cut.

I’m talking about little snippets where the tape clearly is running backwards. It’s most obvious when the scene involves fire, or smoke, or running water. I’m guessing it happens in other scenes where it’s just not so obvious. I watch a lot of reality shows, and they always have a tiki torch on the patio, or the many fires on “Survivor” or the current “Brat Camp” often has a campfire. Sometimes there will be a quick edit in which a scene of just a second or two will have the smoke going down into the fire and the flames going down instead of up in a really odd looking way, or the water will be dripping up into the fountain instead of down. I see it and it looks strange, hit the Tivo rewind, and yep, they used the tape backwards.
They don’t do it for longer scenes in which it would be obvious, just the quick edits or the long distance scene setters after commercials.

I’m guessing the editors ran some tape backwards to get the effect they wanted. The camera actually panned up but the editor wants the scene to pan down, or the camera moved left to show the pool at the mansion when he needs the scene to move right for aesthetic purposes.

Maybe it works because nobody notices. But after noticing it once, I can’t avoid noticing it every time now! Anybody else see this??? Why would a network production use such a cheap looking short cut for an otherwise slick looking show? (Actual content of the reality show not withstanding. I’m talking about the ones that at least have a slick look like Survivor and The Bachelor.)