TAR 3/23: Can't Make Fish Bite

CBS is being mysterious with the preview. All they’re showing is a tuk-tuk (is that what they’re called, the little motorized scooter taxi thingies?) race of sorts through a somewhat narrow somewhat congested street…yikes, I’d be too scared to be scraped against the side of a bus to yell “Faster!” to the driver.

It’s not looking good for an on-time start here in SEPA. We’re still fast and furious in the middle of a basketball game at 6:53PM.

Here in the DC area they were saying an 8:41 start.

One of those episodes that was decided ten minutes in because someone missed a flight…

They didn’t even try to edit in any suspense. They were playing the “Waa-Waa” sad loser music for the two right from the start.

I thought for sure that Brenchel were going to miss their connection, considering how much time they spent showing them arguing with the travel agent who insisted they didn’t have enough time between flights.

(I actually had the same experience once, hauling ass through the airport to make a 30 minute connection and getting to the gate right as they were getting ready to close the door to the plane. Not fun!)

Can’t you have your arriving counter phone the departing counter to tell them you’re on your way, any more? They won’t hold the plane for too long, but they will delay closing the gates.

Pretty meh ep. Not enough Cowboy-age. I think the Nashville girls worship of the Cowboys is hilarious, and probably makes the boys nervous.

And I will say that watching Flight Time playing with his basketball in the Sri Lankan sweatshop was funny. And Leo was almost tolerable until he picked up the sewing judge.


Is it sad that I, who usually starts these threads, didn’t watch last night because of the delay? TAR was scheduled to begin at 8:41 EDT. We were in the middle of watching Once Upon A Time and The Walking Dead was coming on at 9…what to do, what to do?

We voted for The Walking Dead.

Yes, I felt a bit guilty. Sorry, Phil.

Did y’all know that one dude burst his achilles tendon when he was previously on TAR?

I think they are rerunning the same sound-bite over and over again.

The Trotters NAILED the spinning/dancing challenge! :slight_smile:

I was really surprised that the spinning challenge was easier than the fishing challenge. True, you can’t make fish bite, but with lots of fish, surely one will hit. The spinning thing looked ridiculously hard. (Of course, I thought they’d have to be on stilts). No surprise about the Globetrotters - a big part of their performance is spinning balls while moving.


Which was exactly my point! :smiley:

I was hoping someone would be on stilts…

The Afganimals aren’t so annoying this time. That may be editing, tho. They haven’t had a whole lot of screen time so far.

The editing for the last 15 mins of this ep … I thought the blondies were going to get 1st this leg. They seem to be working the T&A factor to their advantage.

That’s the funniest thing I’ve read this week!

Isn’t it one of the TAR rules to never pick the task that involves animals? You have no idea if the fish are going to bite that day or not. Maybe the tide is wrong at the time you arrived, maybe there’s a trick to putting the bait on the hook so it wiggles just right, maybe the fish are laughing at you. I’d much rather go fishing than learn to dance, but I’d never pick catching a fish as a task I have to complete.

Did Luke/Margie do the fishing or spinning? I missed that part.

They skipped that part, but based on where they were when shown reading the clue to the garment factory I assumed they fished.

Don’t know how vital hearing the beat would have been to the spinning (or being able to communicate the count while doing it), but I assume that would have been pretty hard for Luke regardless. Making two detours in a row where he probably couldn’t do one of the tasks.

It did appear you had to actually work pretty hard to get the spinning drums to fall off the sticks once you had them going.

I think at the garment factory they should have been presented with an industrial serger and had to start by threading it.

They didn’t show them doing any of the tasks. They obviously did because they showed them opening the clue after the roadblock. Since they were dry I’m going to assume they did the plate dancing but that was the only clue. They were shown getting into a tuk tuk and heading to the garment factory and the next time we see them they’re checking in with Phil and being sent home.

I wonder if those poles in water could have held up Big Easy. He is a very big man.

I was thinking the same thing. They pretty much had to do the plates like Margie and Luke probably had to fish.