Tardgasmic tardification treatment

Anyone posting in this thread will be responded to by adding the appellation of tard in some such manner as to affix the offending suffix or prefix as it were or shall I say will be to such posters name in such thread as this is summarily.


Mr. Tardlock

Reported for forum change to thread games. It’ll be refreshing to see one sink like a rock in that forum for once.


Thank you Mtardman

Hasn’t been moved yet, so: fuck you. This isn’t as funny as you think it is. What are you, 12?

I’m finding these responses amusing, Sunny Tard.

Maybe I’m oversensitive because the bullies at school used to love calling calling us “retard” and “retarded”, over and over again, but…

No wait, you know what? Go screw yourself anyway.

Screw yourself too! Tardeus, Incus, Stapes!

Jesus Christ that’s a long annoying name to type; why can’t people like Cardigan post here?

I think he’s day drinking again.

Actually I am. I am not inebriated though - but I can understand why one might think such.

Threads like this only retard the fight against ignorance.

The intent of this thread is to be offensive in order to show how we shouldn’t be offended by offensive things, right?

Done in the stupidest way possible, I mean.

I can see the validity in this line of reasoning Tard2B Comprehensive.

There is no intent in this thread. Sometimes I’m just bored out of my fucking mind and after spending a portion of my day reading DFW I do some strange shit Tardbert.

Nope. This is a bad idea.
Go take a nap.

I have lots of bad ideas. I plan to mock incessantly anyone suggesting this is a good idea Beckdatard.

I want to play.

Dude. If you’re going to tard my name I would reasonably expect you to notice at least one of the following:

  1. That ‘begbert’ ends with a t, and thus can be extended into ‘begbertard’.

  2. That ‘bert’ and ‘tard’, as letter arrangements, have a lot of similarities that can be leveraged, perhaps as something like ‘tardbret’

  3. My username ends with a 2.
    Also I don’t believe for one damn second that this thread isn’t a reaction to the fact that the person who called octopus “Octotard” was criticized for doing so.

I’d advise against it. This thread is Rutardened.

Lord knows I am, and it still doesn’t make a lick of sense. Is this a parody of that “other one”? :confused:

That’s never stopped me. Hell, I posted in a GD thread started by Bijou Drains today.