TARDIS Lands in Salem, Massachusetts!

I don’t know how I missed this before, but we noticed it when returning from North of Boston this afternoon. Salem MA artist Amanda Dunham painted an electrical box in Salem this past summer so that it looks like a TARDIS. Here’s the story:

The photo accompanying the story exaggerates its size – it isn’t life-sized. If the door could open, you’d have to crawl in. Still, it’s impressive. Better than the other Electrical Box Art I’ve seen in other Massachusetts towns.
My favorite part: There was an outcry of local Who fans who wanted to be sure this wouldn’t be painted over. According to the article:

Heck, it beats the Bewitched/Samantha Stevens statue closer to downtown:

In other Doctor Who news, I saw this phonme cover for the first time this weekend:


Very cool, good for her. Also linked to that story is one of a man who make a TARDIS wedding ring. The picture of the ring doesn’t show up on the page, but it’s linked. Here it is. Nice!

Here in Olympia, we actually have a life-size TARDIS, in the parking lot of a local burger shack;




Oh my. That’s just beautiful craftsmanship!

There was a wonderful life-sized TARDIS at the 2014 Arisia SF convention here in Boston two weeks ago. It might have been a re-appearance of the TARDIS built for the Arisia dance a few years back.

I was in Glasgow, Scotland in 1990 and 1991. There was an actual police box out on the street in the downtown area. I have some photos of me standing next to it.

There’s a few, still there :slight_smile: