Target made my day. Thanks Target.

Due to some recent financial issues this week, I’ve realized that I really could benefit from a credit card. I had a bunch of things come up that I need to take care of by next week, and it would just leave me with almost nothing in the bank and no money for fun until my next paycheck.
I was planning to go to the bank to get a small loan that I could just pay off in full by next month. Getting a credit card would take too long (waiting for it in the mail and such), so a loan would probably be the best bet. I’ve been putting a lot of thought into my budget and trying to figure out how to move things around and make vacation plans and all that. And no matter what I cam up with, I kept thinking, “Damn, if only I had a credit card. Whatever I spent this week, I could just pay off at the end of the month anyway.” Yeah, I know… sounds obvious. But ever since I’ve been debt free, I’ve never bothered or seen the need for getting a credit card again. But it seems having one for situations like this would be convenient.

So, long story short:
I made plans to go to the credit union first thing Monday morning to talk about getting a loan. In the meantime, I’m sitting here opening my mail, and it seems Target has taken the liberty of sending me a Target Visa card with a $7000.00 limit. Here it is, in my hand. I never asked for it, never applied for it–nothing. They just sent it to me!! All I had to do was call and activate it. How bad ass is that!? Perfect timing Target!!!

Also in my mail was a refund for the half month of cable service I was owed after canceling it. That was $60.00

So, what’s in your mail?

::runs to mailbox::

Nope, nothing… :frowning:

[shakes fists at the sky]Damn you Target! Damn you all to Hell!!![SFATS}

I got a refund check from my car insurance for 4 dollars.

Woo-hoo! I can buy a gallon of gas and have enough left over for a soda!

Nothing as much fun as you got. I got ads and the hardcopy notice of the electric bill that already been paid online. Congrats on your refund, enjoy the credit card.

I got a refund from mine for $50. Who knew relocating and changing insurance agents could be so nice? :slight_smile: (Why yes, I’d still be saying it if I only got $4. I’m cheap.)

No bacon salt, that’s what was in my mailbox today. :frowning:

My law school sent a letter raising my scholarship by $7,500/year due to my excellent academic performance. Woot!

You probably win, depending on how much they’ve concurrently raised tuition.

OUR bacon salt arrived two days ago. Neener neener!

I got nothing, but Papa Tigs got a brilliant piece of mail. The idiot company that provides supplies for his CPAP sent him the wrong filters last week, so he stuffed them into a regular business letter-sized envelope and returned them. So today he gets a 12x14 puffy envelope containing (1) three 1" x 4" foam filters that the insurance company gets charged $32 each for, and (2) a self-addressed stamped envelope for him to return the wrong filters in.


He’s debated changing supply companies, but since this was episode #4,392 of them doing something supremely dumb, we’ve decided the entertainment value far outweighs the occasional inconvenience!

A $10 gift card from Victoria’s Secret because August is my birthday month. And Monday my new cell phone is coming in the mail.

Nothing personally for me.

My sister got a letter from her boyfriend in prison, and a checkup notice for her daughter.

Nearly two yrs after I moved out of an apt (To marry my house owning wife) I was owed a refund for $380 on a damage deposit that i had (for no reason) had not been refunded.

I Fought it to the point of “take me to court… if its worth it to you”

21 months later, a cheque arrived… ($366) class action suit against former landlord…original amount they owed me was $380… even with interest and averaged out legal fees, it was a nice surprise, plus VERY pleasurable to know slumlord finally got his…

A rejection letter from a company that seemed shady during the interview anyway and another advertisement extolling the virtues of owning a second home in South Carolina.

I must need vitamins as I’m getting plenty of irony and feel beaten about the head and shoulders with minerals…

I got notification that my cable company is going digital, and the basic rate goes up 10 clams a month, and I have to replace all my TV sets or pay them three dollars each per month to rent decoder boxes, (and no doubt sign a contract prohibiting me from using a third party decoder box). You guys have all the fun!

My cable company is doing the same.

I told them to disconnect it. If I have to go through all that trouble, I might as well go with dish, which will get me more channels for the same price.

Got nuthin

An El-Rayo X T-shirt and a Twango Bango CD.

How come you didn’t get the whole $380 plus interest?

I got the television/internet/phone bill (all on the same cable).

I am awaiting a cable from Samson Cables of Utah, which will allow me to connect an RS-232 9-pin serial cable to my HP48 calculator, and then transfer programs to and from it via serial transfer using the Kermit protocol… I will then buy an RS-232-to-USB adaptor and plug it into my Mac. :slight_smile:

I’m guessing that the 366 and the 380 are different things. The class-action suit was the 366, which he’s chalking up as payment of the 380, even though it isn’t.

Edited to add: Wow, Target made your day? They really DO have everything at that store!