Tarkan's "Simarik"

I absolutely love Tarkan’s “Simarik.” Even though I don’t understand a word of it, I love it. I even once had the video - very interesting and sweet.

I first heard the song on an Arabic dance CD. While it was playing, I asked my mother what language it was in. She said, “Arabic.” I thought, “Funny, doesn’t sound Arabic.” But I kept my thoughts to myself. Later I find out that Tarkan, and his songs, are Turkish.

Someone’s done an English version/rip-off on his song, calling it “Kiss Kiss.” Does “Simarik” mean “kiss” in Turkish?

Anyway, the music and even the sound of the words are magnificent. :slight_smile: Very nice.

WRS - takmis koluna elin adamini beni orta yerimden catlatiyor /
agizinda sakizi sisirip, sisirip arsiz arsiz patlatiyor.
From http://www.letssingit.com/tarkan-simarik-lv-cgddsns.html.