Tarvuism - the world's best religion!

Check it out!. And if you’re interested, it’s SO easy to join. :slight_smile:

This religion seems legit. I might join.

I’m too scared of the holy octopus.

It’s not any more goofy than any of the other religions out there so why not?

Don’t be squid! Don’t be a sucker! Tarvuism is a big tentacle religion that welcomes all.

It’s only, like, one percent of a percent of Tarvuism.

This is nothing more than a front for Yivo, Shkle has been trying to win back our universe’s affection for a long time now…

Hebbo! :smiley:

Any religion where the women wear neckties can’t be all bad.

I’m going to start calling my church a ‘chabbernaggle.’

I consider myself a DarkSideofthemoondian.

Its much cooler, dosent require prayer, and you get to listen to some awesome tunes and thought provoking lyrics.

Oh, and you can listen to it whenever you want, only if it´s once a year.


I’m a devout follower of, er… checks thread title Tarvuism.

In fact, I already achieved mdfitty numnum!
Yeah, you heard me.

By the way, does “Every land is nice, and everyone who lives there is nice too”. (Chronicles of Amzamiviram, Cpt 44). sound like something a seven year old would say? Either way, it’s fairly… nice.

Yeah, reminds me of Cthulhu.

I did a bit of loking around on their website. They claim to be the third largest religion in the world. If this is the case how come nobody has heard of them before?

Seems like a prank or windup to me.

I’m also a bit dubious about the universe consisting of infinity minus one shells with Tarvu at the centre.

Loud sound of whooshing

For those who haven’t caught on :dubious:

From here.:wink:

But, but, but…

I already converted my kids and sent out the cards!!!

Boy do I feel stupid?

Another parody religion? How many of those do we really need? Seems like every point that can be made that way has already been made a thousand times over. :dubious:
Besides, everybody knows that only Bob is the true parody deity.

Praise his sweet name! Give me Slack or give me Death!

and Fuck 'em if they can’t take a joke!

There can never be too many parody religions - the idea is for there to be so many potentially credible parodies out there that it shows what a joke genuine religions are.