Tasteless, classless Ted Kennedy video at DNC

The Dems showed a lot of gall tonight, airing a “tribute” to Ted Kennedy in which much time was devoted to showing in minute detail how Kennedy kicked Mitt Romney’s ass around the block a couple of times in their Senate race, showed Romney making a foolish dick out of himself defending his support of a woman’s right to choose, and generally making a vague, supercilous tax-return-hiding fool out of himself.

What kind of EMK tribute was that? You;d think that EMK himself would have stayed above the partisan bickering, wouldn’t you, and sidestepped the cheap political potshots. Right? Kennedy would never have approved of introducing politics into a memorial discussion, would he have?

I assume this is a joke. I am sure he wouldn’t think twice about it. He certainly reveled in the ass kicking he was administering at the time. I liked that it also got video of Mitt descibing his position on choice as completely the opposite of his current position, and played Kennedy’s bit on being pro-choice while Romney was multiple choice.


Well, I’m just paraphrasing Reince Preibus.

I thought it was great and Teddy would have roared his approval. Watching Kennedy take Romney apart was a bit like watching a boxing match between Mike Tyson and Don Knotts. It was a great video and that it contained some great takedowns of Romney made it that much better. Well done, DNC!

Yeah, Kennedy *hated *politics.

According to Reince Priebus, he certainly did.

Okay, okay, here’s the link to Priebus’s twitter feed–what a sanctimonious prick!

Reince suddenly cares about Kennedy and not insulting his memory.

I missed the tribute - does anyone know where I can find it?

Do you have to follow him to see the tweet? There’s nothing there.

It’s Reince, not ReincePriebus.

My mouth always wants to say “Prince Reibus”.

Who is Reince Priebus, and should I have ever heard of him before now?

RNC chair, I beleive.

Yea, I really don’t want to follow him. I just want to link to his making an ass of himself.

Haven’t seen the video and I don’t do Twitter, but isn’t this kind of thing likely to backfire on Obama? “Yeah, back then we had a real Democrat who knew how to do an election” – highlighting that Obama has never faced a serious opponent from the other party in his life. And it opens the obvious retort: “Mr. President, I knew Ted Kennedy. I faced Ted Kennedy in an election. Ted Kennedy was a respected opponent of mine. Mr. Obama . . . you’re no Ted Kennedy.”

Talking Points Memo has a 1:38 video up. Not sure if it is the whole thing that was played at the DNC though.

Concerned people are also worried about Bill Clinton overshadowing Obama as well.

You didn’t sound drunk enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

That line that sure worked out well for vice president Bentsen in the end anyway.