Taster's Choice coffee couple -- how did it turn out?

I was talking to my mother, and somehow or another we got around to the subject of that series of Taster’s Choice ads that ran a few years ago. You remember the ones I mean, about the man (Anthony Stewart Head!) and woman who kept meeting over coffee. Their romance was blooming, but then the man went over to give the woman back her coffee tin or something and discovered that she had a college-aged son. Were there any ads in the series after this? My mother and I could not remember any, but it seemed an odd place for Taster’s Choice to abandon the storyline. A quick Google search turned up little but a bunch of copies of a “You know you drink too much coffee when…” list ("…the Taster’s Choice couple wants to adopt you!"). I expected that some geek would have put together a page with a detailed synopsis of each commercial, but I guess not. So Dopers, do any of you remember what happened to the Taster’s Choice couple?

Well, of course the guy ends up fighting vampires and other strange monsters in Sunnyvale or somesuch place. I am not sure about the woman.

Sunnydale, not Sunnyvale.

He seems to have switched to tea. In fact, I remember some disparaging remarks about coffee.

Sorry, can’t help with the commercials. I just love Anthony Stewart Head, though.


I wouldn’t mind seeing them again. I remember that at least one installment was fairly creepy, with Michael behaving in a way that would have prevented me, personally, from letting him into my apartment.