"Tastes like chicken!": My first wine tasting

My husband and I decided to go have a wine tasting at a local winery, and I actually found a wine that tasted like chicken. Not strongly of chicken, mind you, but hint o’ chicken.

I will never disbelieve wine tasting notes after that. Rubber hoses, fresh-cut grass, and leather seem positively normal.

(We bought a bottle, by the way. It’s good!)
Feel free to mock me or to share your own wine tasting oddities and delights.

I remember one from a tasting party with a nose quite reminiscent of at-home hair coloring chemicals.

A couple of weeks ago, I would have thought that it couldn’t be good if you associated it with such a weird smell. After my tasting experience, I realize that sometimes the weird smells don’t make something undrinkable. Necessarily. :smiley:

You might even develop a fondness for the funky stuff - there are Belgian beers with downright sweaty-sock-like aromas…

Sounds like my reaction to cumin. It smells like feet!

That Australian gag show that invited people to taste strong vinegar with a little sugar added. One bloke actually asked for a second glass.

Good thing it wasn’t Hint-o-Cock. :smiley:

I went to a wine tasting once. Each sample of wine tasted like…wine.

Of course, after a few hours, I could’ve been drinking chicken blood and not noticed.