Tasting new beers

Trying out Trader Joe’s Coffee Peanut Butter Cup Porter, brewed by Campanology Brewing. At 9%, a little strong to be a porter, with a strong peanut better vibe when first tasted and a good espresso aftertaste. Yummers.

Left Hand Brewing’s Peanut Butter Milk Stout Nitro is quite tasty.
6.2% Alcohol and 25 IBU.

The Peanut Butter flavor tastes brewed in and not an added flavoring. Chocolate & Coffee Hints are there.

One nice thing with beer tasting. An expensive beer is still usually cheaper than a moderately priced wine, whiskey or vodka.

Heh, until you go really crazy. Sam Adams brews Utopias, a barrel aged beer that tops 28% ABV. It is released every other year. Sam Adams used to give a bottle to every stockholder attending their shareholders meeting in Boston. I’ve seen it for $250 a bottle. Empty bottles sell for $60 - $100 on EBay. One xmas season I was at a bar that had a bottle on display. I really wanted a taste, but they’d only open the bottle if there were >3 buyers.

I convinced two other drinkers to enjoy a shot ($30 a shot). Then another guy watching us decided he wanted one. I drank mine and the bartender poured me a second. Observers eventually accounted for a few more shots being poured, then at some point I was gifted the last shot.

Three shots of Utopias on top of what I’d already been drinking. I had to ask the bartender to pour me a cab.

Yeah, but was it any good? $30 a shot good? I might buy one shot just to have a taste but I doubt anything is actually worth that for more than a one-time experience, at least to me.

My question is; Is something at 28% ABV still beer? That seems to fall out of the range of beer.

Well, I guess that becomes almost semantics but for my purposes, my beer tasting rarely goes above 10% and the most expensive beers I’ve had work out to $4.50 a bottle or $9 for a pint out someplace.

Dragon’s Milk is among the most expensive I’ve bought. I’ve never seen it on tap. Samuel Smith gets very expensive too.

It was worth it for the experience. I’d never buy it again, but I really enjoyed the one exposure.

Yes, it fits the definition. Brewmeister Snake Venom (67.5% ABV) is water, yeast, hops, barley, and wheat. There are other things as well, but it is beer.

Picked up a 4-pack of Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin Ale the other day. Tall cans, 9.0% ABV. Pretty good. Very pumpkin-y. It was fairly late yesterday when I had one and a half of them (gave half of one to my wife), and it kicked my ass! I’ve generally got a very high tolerance, but I’ll be sticking to one just one of those a day.