Tattoo shakes

I got my first tattoo yesterday and it was a 3 hour tattoo with no breaks. By the end I was shaking so bad I couldn’t stop and sense then I’ve been getting the shakes randomly my tattoo doesn’t hurt and I’m not cold is this normal

I thought I should also mention my tattoo artist gave me no after care instructions also he kept touching his phone with his gloves and go back and touch my arm he used deodorant to stick the stencil (a speed stick) which I’m actually allergic to but it was to late to tell him by the time he put it on my arm idk :woman_shrugging:

Hi, Ally1. Welcome to the straight dope. I’ve moved your question to “in my humble opinion”, since it’s basically a medical question, and we don’t give medically and legal advice in general questions, only in the opinion/in my experience section of the forum.

Very common response to the trauma inflicted on the body from tattooing. I’ve had it happen. For me it’s only happened after long sessions (four hours). I assumed it was a part of the inflammatory response.

Wouldn’t shakes and tremors show in the art? Broken lines, jaggy lines, etc.? Sounds like a bad idea to keep going, once shaking starts. “Let’s pick this up again later…”

IME the shakes kick in after the session is over.