I acted like a baby at the tattoo shop...lol...

So today I went to get my tattoo worked on. The existing one goes from the top of my right shoulder down my side to about four inches above the hip bone.

Anyway, I wanted to get it fixed up because I didn’t feel like it looked cohesive and uniform and I really want it perfect. I went in a few weeks ago to talk to the guy and he was really creative and had lots of ideas for how it could be improved. I was really excited about it until today. For some reason I was really nervous about the whole thing, not sure why.

I get there and he shows me the design and it was pretty good, but he wanted to draw on my back to make sure it would look ok. So I’m standing there and I jump out of my skin when he touches me with the marker, lol. And then after about five minutes I start feeling like I’m going to pass out. He was nice about it but I’m sure he was thinking, “Oh great, this ought to be fun.” I sat there for a little while and then we got started.

I could barely sit for the tattoo. Bear in mind that he was tattooing me on the softest part of my lower side and that is one of the WORST places to get tattooed. My body wanted to jump every time that gun got near me. Finally I got myself under control, but I felt like a dork. I said, “It makes you wonder how I got this tat in the first place, huh?” haha, and he said, “Yeah, it does.” (Then I died of embarassment, haha)

I really don’t know how I sat for it originally. All I can figure is that I was always on drugs.

Luckily the improvements really make the tattoo look complete. I am exceptionally happy with it. I’m really glad I got it done, but I would never suggest getting tattooed on that part of the body. It fucking sucks!

The new part is on the very bottom, it’s a little darker than the rest. And this pic is not the greatest because it’s really hard to take a picture of your own back.

Looks awesome. I agree, it didn’t look quite complete without the new parts. Now it is perfectly balanced.

I got an ankh tattooed between my breasts. At the very moment when I was about to tell the guy that I couldn’t stand it anymore, he said, “Done.” Whew.

Getting the outline for my first tat and either had a touch of stomach flu or that frozen pizza I had for lunch was dicey.

Anyway, blew chunks with little or no warning. The guy just set down his equipment, pointed to the cleaning stuff, and left until I got it all cleaned up. Not my proudest moment, didn’t know if he was going to finish it or not.

Aren’t you just hot as hell. Also, the tattoo is fantastic!

Yeah, I asked him if guys try to be tough when they are getting tattoos. He said, “Until they pass out or throw up.” Haha. I guess it happens regularly, and mostly with men. Women aren’t as afraid to admit they need a break.

Hell, when something hurts, it hurts. There’s nothing much you can do to stop it except dig your fingernails into the chair and bite your hand (that’s what I did anyway, lol).

No really, it was the pizza! Yeah, because I was 24 or so and my girlfriend was with me. Stupid pizza :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, the tat looks wonderful.

I have part one of what is eventually going to be a full back tattoo between my shoulder blades. I fully expected it to be painful right over the center of my spine, because everyone told me it hurts most where you’re bony, but that was fine. When the tattooist got to the softer tissue on either side, though, I asked him if he was trying to put the tattoo on my chest from all the way back there. YOW!

So what kind of pain are we talking here? I’m sure it’s difficult to explain, but I’ve always been curious how painful, exactly, getting a tattoo is.

I think everyone’s different, but for me it was an annoying, almost burning sensation. You know when you scratch yourself on something sharp, it sort of stings/burns? It really wasn’t painful, exactly, just uncomfortable for a rather long period of time. When it starts, you think, oh, this isn’t all that bad, then you realize it’s going to take awhile and you start to wonder if this was such a good idea. There were a couple of actual “ouch” moments, but not what I expected, thinking about being stuck repeatedly with a needle.

For the record, I’m generally a weenie when it comes to pain and will whine for quite a while over a papercut; shriek if I happen to get salt or lemon juice in it. So… less painful than a papercut, but for a much longer duration.

My dirty little secret as a blood banker: I am terrified of needles.

I want to stress that I have never had a bad incident happen to me while donating blood, and the nurses have always been the utmost professionals, but for some reason I can’t get over this fear no matter how many good experiences I have. This doesn’t stop me from still donating regularly though. The last time the nurse was training some new person on the donation procedure. The newbie couldn’t stop wondering what was wrong because I was trembling throughout the whole time and breathly very shallowly.

“Are you sure you’re all right?” “Yes.”

“Does the needle hurt or anything else?” “No, you’re doing fine.”

“You feeling light-headed?” “Just nervous, that’s all.”

BTW Indygrrl, looks good… talking about the tattoo of course :slight_smile: .

I’m so damn schmoove that the last time I was in a tattoo parlor I was having my left arm inked while my right arm was guiding sushi into my mouth and washing it down with beer. Beat that, wusses!

BTW Indygrrl your tat is fantastic.

That’s absolutely gorgeous! Of course, you look like you’re not bad yourself. :wink:
And I agree with djinni_sequoia. I can’t imagine that it was near as perfect without the addition. Sadly, hindsight and 20-20, right?

As to this, all I can tell you is that I had an aversion to shots all the way up until my 20s and never thought I’d see the day when I had an actual tattoo. However, I got the first on my ankle, at 30, and as LifeOnWry, it was truly no big deal and even if it was, it was over in less than probably a minute and a half. The next is a rather largish/medium tramp stamp (hell, I’d never even heard that term until the last couple of years – heh) of a butterfly. Indy has it right that you gotta just dig in your heels. Like a scratch that’s just over and over again.

Sadly, my last on my 35th birthday was a yin and yang symbol on my #*@!% foot. Needless to say, that hurt like a motherfucker. Plus, the drunk (I’m not a very good judge of such things since I grew up as Ms. Goody Two Shoes) tattooist didn’t do the damn thing correctly. I have to get it fixed and I’m totally dreading it. Anyone wanna go in my place? :smiley:

It’s like a bee sting. That lasts an hour.

Please. I fell asleep while getting a tattoo. On my balls. :stuck_out_tongue:

Best description was from the first artist I used before she started: like a cat scratch on sunburn. But the longer it went on, the more I got used to it, then I was able to feel the nuances of the pain I experienced during the process: regular pain, tiny spots that were numb, and then when a nerve cluster got tweaked. I kind of enjoyed it. It’s difficult to describe. The second one I got was done using the traditional Thai bamboo technique, not a machine, and it was a hell of a lot less painful.

It depends where you get it. The bottom quarter of mine was a mixture of pain and ticklish and it sucked royally. I wouldn’t ever recommend getting a tattoo in that area. But the top portions of it weren’t bad at all.

And I don’t remember my other tattoos hurting very much–one is on my ankle and one around my arm. Those didn’t bother me at all.

I’m glad you guys like it. This tattoo has been the topic of conversations a million times in the last ten years.

That’s a really pretty tattoo, Indy. Although I’ve been wanting a tattoo since I was 16, at the age of 24 I still don’t have any. In some ways this is good (I didn’t get anything stupid), and in other ways it isn’t (I’m too cheap to shell out the cash these days). I do know for sure what pieces I’ll be getting done, though. Of course, the one that I’ll get first is in a stupidly painful spot (skeleton key between the breasts), and the other one shouldn’t be so bad (something similar to Samoan women’s malu around the hips and upper thighs). I’m a total geek for indigenous tattooing, and the ones that appeal to me the most happen to be the simple markings like the Samoan women’s malu and the Bedouin harquus and the fictional “last ice age Inuit” sexual dimorphic tattooing done on the women in *Atanarjuat: the fast runner. * These days I’m waiting on having extra money that I can spend on a tattoo and a really good tattoo artist that I’d want to form a tattooing relationship with.

I found that the higher up the back they went, the worse it was. My first was a tramp stamp, and I had absolutely no problem at all. My second was around the right shoulderblade, between the 'blade and the spine, and that was… uncomfy. My third covers most of my back, took three sessions and a total of 15 hours, and whether it was that I was typically at the end of a session (the first was 5 hours, the second 7, the third 2) or it’s just a bad spot, when he was working on the left side, up toward the shoulderblade, I started channelling some of the kids at work. Never moved, but damn was I creatively cursing. My first two had been done by the artist’s wife, and he commented just before starting the first session that when she’d found out he was going to be working on me, she told him that I sat incredibly well, and he wouldn’t have a problem out of me. No pressure there! :slight_smile:

I accompanied a buddy of mine recently to get her first- she’d been kind enough to sit with me for all three sessions of mine, so I figured it was the least I could do. She sat horribly- thankfully she didn’t move much, but damned if she didn’t scream (and curse the day I was born) the entire two hours. Eek. I joked with the artist that not all clients could be me. :smiley: Luckily the tat came out beautifully.

Both artists I’ve worked with have commented on the men vs. women thing- that men are more likely to pass out/throw up/ask for a break. As a redhead I have a slightly higher pain threshold anyway, but I found this tidbit amusing. Perhaps a research study is in order?

I got a little light headed on my second tat. My first was on my chest and hurt much worse than my second which was on my arm, but I had no problems. The tatto artist said that getting light headed is normal and is more a reaction to nerves then actula pain. He said that if you are really stressed out about getting it done all day, you end up having the event built up way too much. By the time you actually start getting the tattoo, and you realize its not as bad as you built it up to be, your body relaxes and that is what causes the light headedness.

Of course, he may have just been trying to help me not look like a wuss in front of my buds. So, he put a cold towel on my neck and got me a soda. We took a break for a smoke then went back to it. I didn’t have any trouble for the rest of the session. I haven’t had any problems on my subsequent tattoos either. I guess it is all in your mind.

** Thats does look damn good. That is alot of ink. Did you do that in one session? How long did it take?

looks at picture… looks again, trying to see a little better…

What tattoo?

Well, if you wouldn’t have worried so much about now showing your boobs it would have been easier to take the picture. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not a big fan of tat’s, but I do have to admit that looks really nice. Different than the usual back covering tat.