What tattoo would you get?

I guess this question inherently excludes those who already have tattoos. Although, in special’s case I could rephrase the question as “What tattoo would you not get?”

I would never get a tattoo myself, not because of the needle or fear of looking unprofessional, but because I can’t handle the lifelong commitment. However, if I did get a tattoo, it would be one of the following:

  1. An untied hiking boot sitting on the ground and surrounded by small rocks.
  2. A trumpet
  3. Alfred E. Neuman
  4. The “Fear the Mullet” logo (just kidding on that one, although I may order a set of stickers)

What made me think of this? I saw a guy the other night at the gym with a rock climber tattooed on his back, and I thought it looked cool.

I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo of either the Buffalo Bills logo or the Universal Waite Three of Swords (a tarot card depicting a heart with three swords through it). My current mantra is “one of these days, when I get the money…”

A tiny black heart, no bigger than a fingertip, on an unexposed cheek.

No, wait, I have that tattoo-- but I can’t actually see it. I’m told it’s very lovely.

A barbaloot from “The Lorax.” But I don’t get one for the OP’s reason - I’m afraid of the lifelong commitment.

I have a tatoo on my ankle that is a combination of the eye in the pyramid design with the Dawn logo. Effectively a crying pyramid. The tatoos I’m planing to get (“When I hae the money”) are an angel and a demon on my shoulderblades. Angel on the left shoulder will be a sword of god type malakim with its sword impaling the defeated enemy beneath. Demon on the other shoulder will be a lilim, probably drawn Rob Zombie style, though with slightly more average proportions. (36D is average, right?)

I’ve got a little black book with me poems in. I’ve got a bag, toothbrush, and a comb.

The OP!? The OP!?!? I have a name, you know. ::sniff::

A pirate’s ship…right above my lower left cheek. :slight_smile:

I really try to be good but it just isn’t in my nature!

My first tattoo (acquired at the young and dewy age of 16) is quite small - about the size of a dime (it’s two 16th notes) - and is kind of lonely and forlorn there all by itself. Oh, it looks ok (was relatively well done and hasn’t faded or feathered), but it has no pizzazz. My second tattoo WILL have pizzazz!

Originally, I thought I’d redo the first tattoo and turn it into a nice yin-yang design or maybe some kind of Celtic knot, but my SO was joking recently about me getting his name tattooed on my ass, which got me thinking… :wink:

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“Property of Marcie”

When I have the money, I want to get a twirly-swirly celticized vine tatooed on my back, starting at the lower left, curling around the small of my back, and up the right side to my right shoulder. The bad thing is I have a picture of what I want in my head but I am not talented in getting it on paper, so I’d probably end up with something completely different and utterly unsatisfactory.

I would never get a tattoo either because I’m a big baby when it comes to pain, but if I were to get one, I would get a yin-yang symbol on my ankle or maybe on the back of my shoulderblade. (thanks to StoryTyler for that idea)

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A Labyrinth in black ink on my right shoulder. That would look hot man!


“Mother Mercy, can your loins bear fruit forever?/Is your fecundity a trammel or a treasure?”
-Bad Religion

A little Union Jack on my left shoulder


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That sounds awesome…Can I see it when you get it done?


“Mother Mercy, can your loins bear fruit forever?/Is your fecundity a trammel or a treasure?”
-Bad Religion

I have 3.

  1. a small red heart with a black rectangular tribal design around it and the initials D & K, for my sons. Located on my right hip.

  2. A medium sized cross with an abstract tribal desgn around it, all black. Located on my back, left shoulderblade.

  3. A small purple star. Located on my upper right arm.

I would like to get at least one more, either on the small of my back, or my left big toe. I keep thinking a moon or a sun kind of image. Who knows.

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missdavis -

If you know what you want in your head, most good tattoo artists can help you draw it out. When I got my tattoo, my friend did that (knew what she wanted, asked the artist to help her draw it), and walked out with a BEAUTIFUL griffin design on her left breast. Worth a shot.

And since Strain said people WITH tattoos can’t answer, I’ll keep quiet. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I didn’t get one because, like Strainger who I ultimately respect and admire, I’m afraid of the lifelong commitment.

Much better, Athena. :smiley:

It’s OK, Falcon, you can tell us what tattoo you already have, and mention any more that you’re thinking of getting.

I’ve always wanted to get “Made in Korea” tatooed on my butt, because I was.

Good thing I’m not into tatoos, eh?

Thanks Strainger!

I have a Celtic Cross on my left shoulder blade. It’s about 8 inches high, and VERY elaborate. If I got another one…I’d probably get an armband around my right upper arm, or a picture of a falcon on my right shoulder blade.

“You are sweet, kind, and considerate… Like a grown up boy scout with tits!” - Brian, aka SDMB’s one and only Satan.