Tattooed Dopers: retouching?

I have a tattoo on my shoulder blade, all in black, nothing fancy. Mainly it’s just a line drawing, not much shading. I got it done about 9 years ago. It hasn’t faded much at all because it’s not uncovered much and when it is I always put sunscreen on it. The problem is, over the years, it’s started to get fuzzy (as in out of focus, not hairy :stuck_out_tongue: ). I know this is to be expected, but I wish it was as sharp as it originally was.

Can I get it retouched to sharpen the image? Has anyone done this or tried to do this? If so, how much did it cost and was it worth it?

Sure they can sharpen up the edges no prob. I don’t have a clue to the fee, but I certainly shouldn’t be near the cost of a full piece. I’ve been ultra careful with mine, so far, I don’t need a touchup.

I know lots of people who have done this, with great success. Reds tend to fade the most. I know many guys who have put the red back in or sharpened the black lines. It’s cheaper than the original and will really improve the look of your tat.