I'm getting my tattoo redone tomorrow

I’m looking for ideas to spice it up a bit. It’s my son’s name and birthday, and it currently looks like shit.

I want the outline sharpened, and I want a different shade of blue for the letters and numbers, but I also want something else, a border or something, to liven it up some.

All I can think of is barbed wire. I do not want barbed wire, but I can’t for the life of me get anything else to come to mind. I want something kinda boyish, since it’s my son, but not too boyish, since it’s on my leg.

I know someone out there has a good idea or two.

Less is more. Forget the border. Sharpen and colour it but don’t get too elaborate.

You might want to check out a couple of places first. See what the artist thinks they can do with it. My first tattoo didn’t come out very well and I went to another place a few years later (for another one), while I was there I asked if there was anything they could do with it. (Mind you, I wanted it fixed, not changed or covered up). He said “Well, we could cover it with a bomb…or a bowling ball” As of right now, I haven’t touched it. Like you, I like the tattoo itself, just now how it happens to look. Unlike you, it’s on my back and I can only see it with to mirrors, so it dosen’t bother me much.

It’s the Zeppelin tattoo that I was talking about.

Maybe some vines to add a bit of interest? It would add some more color, and isn’t as trendy as barbed wire or as feminine as flowers.

Maybe some splashy water?

What I finally decided on, after half an hour of drawing on my leg with a Sharpie:


Ignore the specks of blood and my razor rash.

I went to the Gypsy , in the next town over from me. Also known as Jim George . So now I can point at him on TV and say “He did my tattoo!”

(All links work safe. Just in case anyone was wondering.)

That’s very sweet. I like it.

Put his social security number, daytime and evening phone, and the best time to reach him. :slight_smile:

Very cute :slight_smile:
Tell me, did it hurt worse to get it redone than to get it done originally? I had to get one of mine redone and good lord, I about cried! That was some pain.

When I originally got it done, I was hysterical. I laughed like a maniac during all the outlining, that kind of laughing that you cannot stop no matter what you do, and just watched for the filling-in. That was April of 2003. And no, I wasn’t on anything, just nervous as hell.

This time around, going over the scar tissue from where it was messed up from the first time was quite painful. He said the ‘h’ was so scarred it was pitiful, and he expressed much disdain for the woman who did it. The outlining hurt far worse than the filling in though…the more needles grouped together, the less pain.

Waaayyy better! Nice choice for embellishment! Looks good!

My hub (who has 3) recently did some fixin’ to an old tat (looked like it was jailhouse, but wasn’t) that turned out great, like yours. He didn’t mention anything about different pain, but, he’s a manly-man so I’m sure it didn’t even hurt at all! :cool: