Tattva, a word please...

Hi…come here often, cutie-pie?

<righteous indignation>
You used her name again.
</righteous indignation>


Why, Tattva, whatever do you mean? Look at the title of this thread.

Don’t think you can get out of this one that easily. I’ve got a mind to… Are those irises for me? Those are my favorite!

[sub]Or were they for the mod you had to bribe?[/sub]:smiley:

Me? Bribe a mod? No way, my dear. They are, in fact, for you. Talking with you, I feel I can do anything. Even change the title of a thread. No feat is too large for me to accomplish with you at my side.
[sub]By the way, check your email[/sub]


I feel so proud that my new CAT t-shirt from Tattva in the white elephant exchange started this all. :wink:

So, you’ve got large feet? Know what I hear about guys with large feet? :smiley:

delphica, you’re such a Yente.

Large shoes?

[sup]Whispers in your ear[/sup] Nope, I hear nibble that guys nibble with large feet lick have a hard time nuzzle buying socks.

Very true. That’s why I knit most of mine myself. Also shows I’m good with my hands.

How supple are your fingers? Think you could knit me a new bikini?

Until tomorrow night.

So the board is personal e-mail again?

I’d like to give a shout out to my boy Reggie, in the San Francisco area. BDEC in the house!

Also, don’t worry, Demo, it’ll clear up if you use an exfoliant on your ass every night.

Shotz out to my boy, Elroy. Soonz as I get outta he’ and into my crazzydaizzy house that goes up and down I’ll get down with the robot maid.

Yo! Julie! Wassaamaatta wit’ you, guuurrrl?!

And, I swear padre, I didn’t know that was the confession booth.

Until then, I’ll talk to you later, Big Nene, scabby D, Loqwayshous Q, Little Nene, hin hun, mama bear, pookie C and especially a big shot out to my homie Frohizzieenizzegreazzypieczzeysheezyneezzepleazze on the easy!

Not if he keeps picking at it, it won’t!

Oh, and here’s to my main man, Hxxtriktlitchskkkszxzxqqiop! (It’s pronounced Hexx-ter-eye-kettle-itch-ski-ki-ki-sizzex-zix-queu-queye-ope).

Mercutio, did you get the picture from SLODope that I mailed you yet? I just thought I’d check and stuff… :wink:

MrC… i mean Manservant Hecubus… I might have a job opportunity in Denver. We could go to Sing Sing allll the time. We’ll be broke. Oh, and I may have an opportunity very close to where I am now, which would save me from moving. Just thought you’d like to know.



Joey, I’m going there this weekend, I think. They’re gearing up for Halloween, and that’s when all the crazies come out :slight_smile:

Next time you’re here, I’ll take you to Proof of the Pudding. Awwwwwwwww yeah. In the words of one of the bartenders there, “It’s a good place, always busy, there’s a lot of good scenery, and if you want to get laid, it’s not really that hard.”

She told me that it was TINY! She said that, because it wasn’t nearly as big as her last, she wasn’t even sure it was the same thing… And I guess she had a really hard time “getting it to do stuff”, whatever the hell that means. In any case, she was NOT satisfied with your product, and asks that you refund her money.

I’m sure she’d be equally happy if you’d just let her pick a different puppy though.