Tavern names and the Catholic diocese of Peoria.

Jack Chick is the best you can do? Please, even us homos don’t take him seriously enough to consider what he does bashing. Cite some real bashing. Can you show serious amounts of harassment and abuse based on Catholicism? Someone fired for being Catholic? Someone denied housing? Someone not allowed to get married? You aren’t seriously comparing a few crude jokes about the very real molestation problem in the U.S. Catholic Church with real bigotry, are you?

Wow…speak for all homos do you? Huh, funny that.

Apparently you and matt both need to take a gander at the link I provided above. Bashing includes “to attack verbally” . If you can show me in the OP where I claimed anything more than “verbal attacks” (as an aside to the main point I was making) against Catholicism…I’ll buy you a six pack of your favorite beer.

I’ll be waiting. Based on your track record…I suspect it’ll be awhile.

Jesus, Homebrew, I’d have expected better from you of all people.

Go to Northern Ireland sometime, I can imagine there’s a LOT of Catholic bashing going on there.

Just because it isn’t as prevalent as gay-bashing, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.
Or that it’s okay.

Calm the fuck down, would you?

I haven’t even seen evidence of verbal attacks. Fundaloonies saying Catholics aren’t “real” Christians is hardly “bashing”. But even if we allow that they are anti-Catholic, it is not widespread enough or significant enough to constitute “plenty of Catholic bashing”. Differences of theological intepretation aren’t the same as verbal attacks. Criticism is not bashing. Who’s out there picketing Catholic funerals? Where is the bashing? It seems to me that the Pope and many, many of your Bishops are leading the charge of any bashing going on.

Psst, Guin, he was talking Florida and the U.S. And the troubles are about more than Catholic/Protestant rivalries. That’s a whole other issue.


Says who? You? :snicker:



Of course there are numerous other examples , but as Bob Cos said earlier…the problem with playing your game is that you pick the rules to suit your position. It doesn’t matter what the definition of “bashing” is (which, again, you seem to have blown off) .

Unless it’s

  • harassment and abuse based on Catholicism - - Someone fired for being Catholic
  • Someone denied housing
  • Someone not allowed to get married

…then it’s not “bashing” in Homebrew’s groovy little dictionary.


Giggle…so that’s what Bob Jones, Jack Chick, Ian Paisley et al are doing…just having “differences in theological interpretation” when they throw out terms like anti christ and death cookie. You’re a stitch Homebrew.

I’ll remember that when fundies say that gays will go to hell based on Leviticus…y’all just have “differences of theological interpretation”

I don’t give a rat’s ass about them thinking I’m going to a nonexistant hell. I’ll even get in that debate sometimes. But it’s the violence and discrimination that matter, that is when bashing concerns me.

Southern Germany, you will accept, is a fairly Catholic area. South of the Main River the standard greeting on the street is “Gruss Gott,” more or less hello in the name of God. In the I.G. Farbin Building in Frankfurt, which was taken over by US forces after WWII and used as the headquarters for the northern sector of the American occupation zone, there was a bunch of one-man elevators, really a conveyer belt that ran a continuous chain with little foot size projections. To use it you would step into a coat closest, grab the moving belt and step on the platform as it came by. You were either shot up to the next floor where you could step off in another closest, or hurled downward. This was all done in darkness. It was an efficient way to get between floors if you were in a hurry.

The name of this device: “The Hail Mary.” That’s what the Germans called it too, “The Ave Maria.”

But the question on the table isn’t whether or not bashing concerns Homebrew, it’s whether bashing of Catholics exists. Really, fella, this is a moving target. So you’re confirming: You don’t want examples of Catholic bashing unless they are examples that would concern you. Tell you what. Don’t play bullshit games with what words actually mean; you’ll save us all a lot of time. Anyway, at least now I know exactly where you stand, and exactly which axe you have to grind. Crystal clear.

There’s no bullshit except for the claim that there is “plenty” of Catholic Bashing to complain about. Cite some real, legitimate bashing. Calling some minor insult, like Jack Chick’s “Death Cookie”, bashing is pathetic and downright moronic. Sure, label it insulting. Expose the lies and misinformation that he and Paisley spread. But calling it bashing is absurd.

Philosophical Q:

Can the ravings of one who is considered by a majority of the population to be a lunatic constitute “bashing”?

Shouldn’t “bashing” be reserved for bahaviour which actually adversely affects some signifigant percentage of the population?

Just because it is offensive does not, in and of itself, make it “bashing”. “Attempted bashing”, perhaps, but not actual “bashing”.


We’re talking about the definition of “bashing” (still…I guess), right?

I provided a cite for my usage of the term. One of the definitions is to attack verbally…no other qualifiers needed.

Apparently Homebrew (and you) reject that usage…hey whatever floats your boat.

If you or Homebrew wishes to create your own groovy dictionary with your own groovy made up usages…have at it. Whatever makes you feel better, dude. Don’t expect me or others to respect a defintion that you pull out of your ass…just because it fits your sensibilities about what the word should mean.

As other posters have pointed out, this is becoming a sillier and sillier argument…and y’all are losing more and more credibility with every post.

I think most people use the first definition of bashing, not the second. Furthermore I don’t think the rantings of a few lunatics constitute “plenty”. And on top of that, I think most people reserve “verbal attack” for a more significant usage than “Death Cookie”.

I’m trying to remain unflabbable; but I hardly think my credibility is the one suffering. Afterall, I am not the one in this thread throwing around terms like “troll” and “asshole”.

I want cites that it’s widespread enough and significant enough to count as “plenty” and actual bashing. An insult alone is not enough to qualify as bashing.

Then join a gym?

Oh, now try to jocular. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, when I’m in Peoria I much prefer Big Al’s to any sports bar.

That’s just me.