Tavern names and the Catholic diocese of Peoria.

What an incredible joke.

The Bishop of the Peoria Diocese has led a protest effort to convince the owners of a sports bar in Rock Island, Illinois to change the name of said bar.
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And what is the offensive name of this bar?

Hail Mary’s Last Chance Sports & Spirits


You frickin’ morons.

There is plenty of real Catholic bashing out there without getting your panties in a twist over a bar named after a fucking football pass play!

What would the Diocese say if the bar was renamed “The Immaculate Reception”?

Well, it could have been Sister Mary Castigation’s Flog-Haus. The bishop should consider himself lucky.

I read about this before, and while I kinda-sorta see their point, the fact is a sports-related meaning of “Hail Mary”, as in the “Hail Mary Pass”, entered the language a long time ago. It’s a little late to be protesting it now.

All this fuss over a bunch of spirits?

There used to be a tavern in Conneaut Lake, PA called Friar Tuck’s Tavern.

Were we to believe there was a real friar behind the bar?

Very, very silly.

Plenty of Catholic bashing? Is that similar to the persecution of fundamentalists going on in the U.S.?

“Big church keep on massin’
Hail Mary keep on passin’
Passin’, passin’, passin’ down the ball field!”


How lovely that you took that word out of the context of the entire post.

I wasn’t whining about Catholic bashing…but yeah, like most large groups in this country (political or social), Catholics get their fair share of bashing as well.

Now run along and troll some other thread.

I wonder, was it anywear near the Our Lady of the Evening motel?:smiley:


I declare you King (or queen as it may be) of the one liner.

Shut Up.

Out of context how? You bolded it in the OP. Other than a few outspoken critcs, which hardly counts and in many cases deserved, cite some real catholic bashing? Where’s the roving bands of Protestants killing Catholics? Where are these incidents of beer bottles thrown out of car windows while you’re walking along just because of your rosary? When is the last time “Papist” was used by someone taken seriously?

The protest of the tavern name is without question absurd, as you justifiably Pitted it. However, your charge that it distracted from “plenty of real Catholic bashing” is specious.

Nowadays, in the media, just for a cheap laugh, “Catholic priest” is made to be automatically synonomous with “child molester.”

The bishop (especially the previous bishop) and many of the people of the diocese of Peoria are known for being very conservative.

Not surprised.

I’m originally from the QC area and I gotta say … I’m not surprised at all by this news.

Are these the only categories that amount to Catholic bashing? Or do ignorant, bigoted insults count? I just thought clarification was in order before someone went to the trouble of providing a lot of cites only to have you respond that those don’t really reach the bar.

Why no, Bob…only the “main stream” bashers count.

So Fred Phelps ain’t a homophobe…see?
Ain’t if it’s “deserved” bashing, than that doesn’t count either.

Homebrew is being an ass (surprise!)

He first equates “bashing” to “persecution”.

Nor does “plenty” in the context of thisthread mean that there are hundreds or thousands of cases of Catholic bashing around. It means that it’s silly to complain about a sports bar named after a football play…when there are real examples of folks who (rightly or wrongly) bash the RC.

Plenty of fundamentalist protestants don’t consider Catholics to be “Christian” (Hell, stick around GD and you’ll see 'em pop up). Try Jack Chick on for size…or for our Irish friends, try Ian Paisley. Am I whining or feeling persecuted? Nope. I was pointing out that if a Catholic needs a target for a letter writing campaign, he or she could find plenty of better targets than a sports bar.

Of course Fred Phelps is a homophobe; he’s not a gay-basher, though, because he doesn’t physically attack gay people, that I know of.

Good lord…are you serious?

I thought that the context of the OP made it clear that no physical violence was involved in any of the accusations.


If you read the OP…you will notice I was not referring to any physical violence accusations for the sports bar. In the context of this thread, I thought it was obvious that the phrase “bashing” refers to verbal attacks.

And one more example of the usage from a gay youth resources page…