Tax preparation heros!

I’ve finally finished my taxes (haikus notwithstanding,) and for once I have nothing but praise for Intuit.

My income last year was… well, let’s just say my income was somewhat limited. Intuit offers the Quicken Tax Freedom Project, which will allow you to prepare and file your taxes for free if your adjusted gross income was $25,000 or less. As it happens, I qualify. Thank you #1 to Intuit for this offer.

Using TurboTax for the Web, I prepared my taxes in early February. Not only did I get the refund I expected, but TurboTax found several additional deductions I hadn’t considered (and paid preparers in the past have missed these deductions, as well.) My refund was much larger than expected. Thank you #2 to Intuit…

The day after I filed electronically, a revised 1099 arrived in the mail. Here was additional income I completely forgot about. I weeped, I tore my hair, I gnashed my teeth… and I put the paperwork aside, because I couldn’t face doing my taxes again. I did take the time to call the IRS, spend several hours on hold, and discover I needed to file a 1040X.

Tonight I prepared for battle. I gathered my paperwork and some caffeine, and sat down in front of the computer. I didn’t expect TurboTax to bail me out of this one, but I started there anyway.

Very helpful (!) help files guided me through restarting my taxes and preparing a 1040X. (All that time on hold with the IRS was unnecessary.) I walked through the screens which sorted out the confusing information on my “Consolidated 1099”, recalculated my refund (since my refund was too large, I now owe $4,) and printed all the necessary forms.

Intuit’s fee for using the incredibly helpful TurboTax for the Web to correct my taxes: nothing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Intuit.

(Comments to Datek for screwing up my 1099 self-edited to appear in the Pit someday.)

Now on to my state taxes…