Taxi advertisement (on the top or at the back)

How much does a cab driver (and/or cab company) get paid to have those ads placed on the top of the cabs (or at the back of them).

What company provides those ads and how much do they charge the the costumer (advertisant).

This is not just out of curiosity, we have none of those ads around here so I’m thinking about starting a business. And what better place to start your research than ont he straight dope.

Any tips or tricks of the trade would be appreciated.

The cab companies get paid a fee per cab (or fleet) to display the advertising.

I’m not in the business,but a guess is the companies that sell billboard ads do the same for the cabs.They are after all just a mobile billboard.

Next time you see a billboard note the company’s name that’s usually on a plaque on the bottom or top,or in big letters in this space for hire on empty ones.

Call them and ask if they’d sell cab ads.

Should give you a feel for the competition,if any.

One company that does the taxi top ads is Medallion Taxi Media.