Taylor Swift's 8 seconds of static is #1

Some glitch in iTunes resulted in the release of a Taylor Swift song consisting of 8 seconds of static, and nothing else. And given that it happened in Canada, it immediately went to #1.

So many joke possibilities here. I’ll start with the easy one: well, of course it’s #1. It’s by far her best song.

Dedicated to Kanye.

So now every time someone is quiet for 8 seconds we’re going to have to hear a Canadian say, “You know, that was invented in Canada.”

And of course it’s now on the Canadian Governments mandatory play list for radio stations.

Don’t pay for it on iTunes. I have a bootleg copy that I’ll sell you. Cheap!

Look, I’ve followed Taylor Swift from traditional country, to country-pop, to mainstream pop-rock, to whatever the hell “Shake It Off” is, but noise rock is a bridge I’m not willing to cross for her.

Every time Sony sells a blank tape, they owe Taylor Swift a royalty.

Shows how far out of the loop I am. I didn’t even know Taylor Swift was dating static.

A worthy successor to John Cage and Karl Stockhausen. And hotter than the two of them put together. Well, Stockhausen was kinda cute, in that Stockhausen way, but he was no Taylor Swift.

You guys are a bunch of philistines. I, for one, tip my hat to a revolutionary piece of avant-garde music. You just have to let it wash over you. If you explain its meaning, you ruin it. Listen to the confidence in the way the sound staggers in, like an all-encompassing snowstorm, a symbol of our own confused, thoughtless existence. When you look into the static, the static looks into you.

It’s not static. You old people just don’t get it.

You have to listen to the parts that aren’t there, geez!

Ryan Murphy is probably pounding his head against a table, wondering why he didn’t have the cast of Glee do that first.

Quantum music?

This thread is going to be Trouble… trouble… trouble…

Trey and Matt had better be all over this. I would not be surprised to be it referenced in tomorrow night’s episode.

Does this mean that Cartooniverse is going to do another Pit thread?

Nah, he’ll wait 20 years.

What a lovely, though belated, tribute to Lou Reed and her favorite of his albums Metal Machine Music.

Amazingly enough, John Cage’s “4 33” actually made the British top 25 in 2010.

They’ll do a cover version that will sell more than the original.