TCM Remembers - In Memoriam 2021

It’s the end of the year and Turner Classic Movies has put together their In Memoriam clips. Here it is. Anyone missing? (bear in mind, TCM is dedicated to classic film, so not every celebrity who died in 2021 is in the 5 minute video)

Thank you

Wow, we lost all those celebs in just one year. Astonishing.

I popped it open intending to see just a bit of the video and ended up staying for the whole thing. It was nicely done.

(although I’m a little surprised that they still differentiate actress/actor; isn’t that an outdated convention?)

Thanks for posting this.


I’m glad they included Haya Harareet. I had her in one of my Death Pool lists and hadn’t heard she had passed.

Beautiful! :clap:t3: :heart: :star2:
Tcm is my happy place.

TCM did a very classy job with this. Thank you, @peccavi.