TdF winner Contador tests positive -- blames tainted meat, WOAH-OH-OH-OH TAINTED MEAT

Story here. So Alberto Contador is blaming the results of a positive drug test taken during this year’s Tour de France on meat served to the riders. Surprisingly, more than a few people seem to believe him, according to this article: apparently the substance he tested positive is used for beef cattle, other riders who ate the meat also tested positive, and Contador tested positive for a very small amount of the drug.

I know there’s a few Dopers who follow the Tour–what’s your take on this story? Is drug testing getting too good in that it can detect subclinical amounts of drugs, or is Contador soon going to be wondering “Where did my malliot jeune go?”

There’s a small discussion going at the end of the TofF thread.

As it appears to be such a miniscule amount and there have been other cases, the tainted meat excuse might actually be legit.

Of course, it might have been the team jersey. Quite a few dopers have somehow worn Astana colors.

Nah, must be the meat.

Maybe the meat came from a jersey.

Set faces to stunned - the wee man’s being cleared!

Story here

By the Spanish cycling federation. Anyone know what this means re the UCI - do they have to respect the decision etc?

Frankly, I am shocked to hear that professional athletes are taking performance-enhancing drugs. Outrageous.

Luckily for your outrage levels this professional athlete was cleared of taking performance-enhancing drugs. Isnt that nice.