tdn, did you fix your biscuit problem?

I love making biscuits. I’m pretty darn good at it, too. I make at least one batch per weekend. The boys love them. I can make them so that you can peel and eat them in layers, if you like. Next weekend, I plan to experiment with flavored biscuits – cheese, cinnamon, honey, etc.

tdn posted a thread a few months back asking why his biscuits didn’t rise. Several posters, including yours truly, chimed in with suggestions. I can’t remember if he ever figured out the problem, though.

So, what’s up with your biscuits, tdn? Did you give up and go with Pillsbury? Do you break into old lady’s kitchens on Sunday mornings and pilfer a fresh-baked pan? Do you buy a dozen from your neighborhood bakery and pass them off as your own? I need an update!